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Wizard Wednesday is a weekly podcast put on by the Magic Machine team.

Usually led by Dotta, ElfJTrul, and Bearsnake, the discussions will range from events to upcoming mints, DAO votes, etc.

Hosted every Wednesday at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST in Twitter Spaces.


The "weekly cult" meetings of Wizard Wednesday are typically an hour long. Co-creator ElfJTrul typically begins the meeting with a select song and the familiar call "It is time for our cult meeting, AKA Wizard Wednesday. This is Elf" with dotta chiming in "and Dotta" followed by "channeling in from the Quantum Downs."

Discussions typically revolve around the progress of the Cult with regards to the overall cryptoeconomic landscape, the NFT landscape, current and future Forgotten Runes projects, upcoming mints, DAO votes and ethos of the overarching project. Dedicated time is usually reserved at the end for members of the cult to express their Lore for their Forgotten Runes identities.


For Wizard Wednesday written summaries, see Wizard Wednesday Recaps

There are currently 43 episodes in Season 1 (2021-22) of Wizard Wednesday.

List of Guests

Alexis Ohanian, Episode 34

Derek Kolstad, Episode 38

Jeldor from Bisonic, Episode 32

Kristian Nairn, Episode 33