Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2024-01-31

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Bearsnake, Dotta, and Jitcy channel in from the Quantum Downs without Elf, who is unable to join as he's feeling unwell and told the team he needed rest.

Additionally, Charl3s from Nifty Island joins the stage.

Wizard Wednesday in Nifty Island

Nifty Island Wizard Mind Blown
Nifty Island Wizard Mind Blown

As Charl3s joins the conversation, Bearsnake notes that this Wizard Wednesday happens to also be taking place within Nifty Island on Cult member Entropy's custom island. Dotta says the team has some tricks up their sleeves, and points out that Nifty Island has a leaderboard. Dotta encourages all of the Wizard holders to visit Nifty Island and says it's a great reason to hang out and use the 3D Wizard models. He says that Forgotten Runes is 15th on the Nifty Island leaderboard, and he wants to claim the #1 spot from current victor, Sappy Seals.

Charl3s chimes in to note that the Projects in the Top 10 on the Nifty Island leaderboard will receive a boost in Blooms, which he states translates to airdrop points. Then, Entropy joins and speaks briefly about his island, and Charl3s says Entropy's work has impressed him.

Cult Questions

Official Forgotten Runes Nifty Island

Dotta then dives into the Cult Questions that the team was unable to get to last week, beginning with:

"Can we make an official Forgotten Runes Nifty Island?"

Dotta says he doesn't want to put the cart before the horse, but he thinks building an official Forgotten Runes island on Nifty Island is something that they should probably do.

Forgotten Runes Warrior Enjoying a Burger
Forgotten Runes Warrior Enjoying a Burger

2024 Warrior Event

Then, Dotta answers a question regarding updates on the 2024 Warrior event. He says the team is meeting about the Warriors event a couple of times a week. He says he and Elf have been working on the recipes and Waz has been working on the UI. Dotta says the new art is amazing.

Dotta says that he would ideally like to have the 2024 Warriors event before the next playable Runiverse MMORPG pre-alpha build. He says the timeline for that is around 6 weeks, but this is a soft deadline. Dotta notes that the main thing is making sure the event is right.

Favorite Shadows and Their Traits

Next, the team answers questions about their favorite Shadows / Shadow traits. Bear says his favorites are the "baby Bears" and the red eyes (Mothman's Gaze)

Dotta says he really loves the red eyes and red particles, the Dotta bodies, and the gradients (particularly the cyan).

Jitcy says that his favorite traits are the eyes, and mentions his spider-like Shadow. He says it's always so much fun going through Elf's collections because he put small details in them that may be overlooked the first 9 times you see the collection.

A Selection of Shadows
A Selection of Shadows

DJ Jagman

A newcomer, DJ Jagman, joins to ask about the Forgotten Runes collection, stating he thinks he saw a Wizard "hitting a hash pipe" at one point. Dotta notes that there is a "Cannabis Potion" in the collection and says there are only two listed. Bearsnake asks if Jitcy and Dotta remember the competition that they did for a blown glass pipe. Dotta says he remembers, because he was so torn up about if it was on brand or not.

Dotta reminds newcomers to the Space to join Nifty Island, and Charl3s announces that Nifty Island is "gently rolling out a new feature" that will give Wizards a leg up. He says it will be helpful to be onboarded before this rolls out.

Heroes of Cumberland
Heroes of Cumberland

Heroes of Cumberland Cumberdome

Feckless then joins the conversation to speak about the new Cumberdome project from the Heroes of Cumberland derivative collection. He says it is a Discord-based fighting game in which you can use your Heroes to fight each other for fame and fortune. Feckless encourages Heroes holders to join the Heroes of Cumberland Discord channel to check out the Cumberdome.

He notes with this game, the Heroes will become dynamic and take on RPG elements, including statistics used for the game. Dotta says that the Cumberdome reminds him in a way of the Barren Court Komodo's Roost. He asks if anyone has an update on the Roost. Feckless says there were some Level 10 Komodo unlocks a couple of weeks ago. DJ Jagman chimes in to say that he feels like giving Forgotten Runes Wizards one of his tracks. He says he will set up a free claim within Nifty Island's marketplace available to all Wizards holders.

Dotta also makes the statement:

"Our derivatives have a better roadmap than your bags."

Runiverse Land
Runiverse Land

Next Forgotten Runiverse Playable Build

The team then answer a question about the date for the next Forgotten Runiverse playable build. Bearsnake says Q1. Dotta says that either means February or March, "and it's probably not February."

Dotta says that he's working on the Land Explorer for the build. As a part of the Runiverse game Land Explorer, Dotta says that he has also been working on a V2 build of the Forgotten Market. He says the new market will be totally redesigned and include all the collections, derivatives, and the Runiverse game items. Dotta says the Land Explorer is going to be like "Zillow for the Runiverse" where you can see all the different types of plots and where they're located.

Tadmajor joins in to say the the Cult is in trouble if he gets into Runiverse real estate. While he's onstage, Tad also mentions a recent mint of art featuring Cult member Crucifore. Bearsnake also gives a shout out to Cult member Meat Prisoner, who he said stopped by the Bear Cave recently to meet for the first time. Bear says he loves meeting people in the Cult, and every time it reminds him of the quality of person that Forgotten Runes seems to attract.

Building In Voice Chat

Bear and Dotta also speak to a question: "When team building in voice chat?" Bear says they could encourage people to join VC while they're working. Dotta says they do this in the Magic Machine Discord occasionally, but he finds he usually just hangs out and doesn't get much done. Dotta says it's probably worth it to carve out time to hang out in the Wizards voice chat from time to time. He also says it's a bit hard for him to build in VC and share his screen because he's often working on things that haven't been announced yet.

Nifty Island Love
Nifty Island Love

Jitcy Praises Nifty Island

Jitcy then notes some of the things he's impressed with about Nifty Island. He says it's clutch that players can queue up in the game when there's already a game running, and a lot has been done to make sure the experience is seamless.

Charl3s then says that there is a new open-prize system for Nifty Island where anyone will be able to join and post a prize for competition in the game. He says this can be used to give away NFTs, Whitelist spots, etc. Charl3s says this new open-prize system is being tested in a phased

way, and the first phase is exclusive to Forgotten Runes. For this test, the Nifty Island team is looking for activity of Islands of Wizards, Souls, and Warriors holders. Top active islands receive Blooms.

The Loracle
The Loracle

The Book of Lore & Wizzypedia

Dotta then speaks to a question about centralization of the Book of Lore and Wizzypedia. He says there is a difference between the hosting of the Book and its existence as a protocol. Anyone who holds core Forgotten Runes tokens can write anything in it — that can't be changed. Dotta explains that in Magic Machine's hosting of the Book of Lore, they have made some things easier—referencing gasless entries, which could still be retrieved in the unfortunate event of all of the founders' simultaneous demise (or similar).

Then, Dotta addresses the fact that only a handful of people contribute to the Book of Lore and Wizzypedia. He feels this often times the case with creative endeavors—that a small group produces the most work. He says he thinks more could be done to make contributing easier.

Influence on the Loracle & Larger Media Expressions

Dotta is asked how the Book of Lore and Wizzypedia influence the Loracle. He says the Book of Lore and Wizzypedia are the source of knowledge for the Loracle and that it should update every day.

Then, Bearsnake is asked how the Book of Lore and the Wizzypedia help creators like Joe Rechtman, Derek Kolstad, and Reilly Brown. He says it takes the place of "canon lore" that these kind of artists can generally draw from. It helps them understand the world and set the tone.

Cult Content & DJ Jagman Playout

Following these questions, the team reviews Week 54 of the Cult Content Chronicle—art from within the Forgotten Runes community made in the past week, aggregated weekly by Tania del Rio.

After the Cult Content Chronicle, DJ Jagman plays the show out with his new track "Vaporize" for the Forgotten Runes Wizards.