The Quantum Downs

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A Quantum Downs t-shirt was offered by Magic Machine as an official piece of Forgotten Runes merch starting in 2022.

In the Runiverse

The Quantum Downs is a place in the Runiverse, but its location is not widely known. However, it is the place that Elf, Dotta, and Bearsnake are "channeling in/out from" during every Wizard Wednesday.

Based on the name, some Wizards associate the Quantum Downs with the Quantum Shadow - however, it's precise relationship is highly debated. It is said that, similar to many special areas of the Runiverse, time and space do not follow the normal rules here.

Some Wizards use the phrase, "lost in the Quantum Downs" when communications or physical packages go missing and do not reach their intended destination. Conversely, an unexpected delivery or appearance of something welcome is referred to as "an airdrop from the Quantum Downs." Something extremely exemplary is "beyond the Quantum Downs."

A Quantum Downs t-shirt and long-sleeve shirt was released by Magic Machine in 2022 as an official piece of merchandise.

Prominent Characters from the Quantum Downs

Currently, the best known Wizard from The Quantum Downs is Magus Devon of the Quantum Downs (6001).