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DALL-E 2 interpretation of Elf.
"When you create you are enchanting minds, you're literally bending reality, and you're making the world remember."
—ElfJTrul, Wizard Wednesday, [38]
"You’re a god damn wizard & web3 has no idea what magic you have in store for it. We are truly just getting started."
—ElfJTrul, Wizard Wednesday, [28]

Owner of Head-blackgoat.pngEvil Arcanist Black Goat of the Wood (1), and usually referred to as simply "Elf", he is the artist behind the mainline Forgotten Runes collections.

Before Forgotten Runes

  • Prior to Forgotten Runes, Elf and Dotta worked together on a number of mobile games. They met from a flier Dotta posted looking for an artist to work together with about 10 years prior to creating Forgotten Runes.
  • Elf has worked within the animation industry prior to working on Forgotten Runes, and has worked on pitching pilots for animations


"Elf funny, Elf great.

We love Elf.

Aka ElfJ

Aka ElfJTrul

Aka Demonic Goat 1"