A Guide to the Collections

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The collections can be thought of as broadly two groups: Characters and Relics.


Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult

Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult

The Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult is the original set of Wizards. Originally a set of 10,000 unique Wizard NFTs, fully encoded on-chain.

Forgotten Souls

Forgotten Souls

The Forgotten Souls were created by burning a Wizard with a Sacred Flame at an event called The Great Burning. The Souls are the Souls of the Wizards.

Forgotten Runes Warrior's Guild

Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild

The Warriors are a collection of 16,000 Warriors in the Runiverse. They differ from Wizards in that Warriors cannot use magic.

Forgotten Runes Ponies



Forgotten Runes Beasts


Forgotten Runes Beasts are epic creatures of the Runiverse. Only 8 are known to exist.

Forgotten Runes Beast Spawn

Beast Spawn

These creators are the Spawn of the Beasts.


The Infinity Veil

Infinity Veil

The Infinity Veil is home to The Sacred Flame.

The Gate to the Seventh Realm

Gate to the Seventh Realm

The Gate to the Seventh Realm is the border between the Beasts and the Runiverse.

Nightmare Imp's Treat Boxes

Nightmare Imp's Treat Boxes

The Nightmare Imp's Treat Boxes were given out by the Nightmare Imp during the 2023 Halloween event.

Forgotten Runes Athenaeum

Forgotten Runes Athenaeum

The Forgotten Runes Athenaeum.