The Sacred Flame

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A Sacred Flame required for dark magic.

While the Burning is scheduled for 🎃 All Hallows' Eve 🎃, there is no urgency on that day as Flames do not extinguish until they are used. There is also no urgency because burning a Wizard is dark and unpredictable magic. With dark magic, there are no guarantees.

- Official Forgotten Souls blogpost published 9/24/21

The Sacred Flame was the first airdropped token from Magic Machine for Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult holders. A total of 1112 were created as an ERC1155 token, and it is impossible for any more to be issued. First mentioned in Wizard Wednesday on Sep.22.2021, it allows holders to transform various tokens from the Forgotten Runes ecosystem via its burn mechanism. Currently, only Forgotten Souls and Gilded Weapons can be minted from sacrificing the Sacred Flame, though it's been demonstrated that further utility could be added by Magic Machine in the future.

Airdrop Criteria

Dotta's methodology on the Sacred Flame snapshot.

Below is the official, final list of accounts that will be airdropped a Sacred Flame. These addresses were generated from this Dune Analytics query. The intention of the query is to give a flame to addresses that:

  • were one of the first 100 addresses to write in the Book of Lore or
  • are one of the longest-holding Wizard addresses
  • excluding Dotta & Elf

That said, regardless of the above intentions, the query is the final say and decision maker of how the flames are distributed.

- Dotta,

The criteria for the airdrop was twofold, rewarding longest holders of the project as well as Wizards who made entries into the Book of Lore before the snapshot date. This method allowed for the most dedicated cult members to get rewarded, but also give an opportunity for new members to join in as well so long as they wrote lore entries, thus creating more incentive for cult members to try out the then newly released feature. Regardless of whether someone owned multiple Wizards or had multiple lore entries at the time of the snapshot, each wallet was limited to only receive 1 Sacred Flame. The criteria for the drop was large enough to distribute Sacred Flames to over half of all unique holders at the time.

Although the Sacred Flames were dropped well in advance, they were unable to be used until the Forgotten Souls burning contract was deployed on Halloween 2021.


  • Although 1112 Sacred Flames were distributed, at least 1 of them is known to be lost possibly forever in the NFTX Vault Contract due to it technically being eligible in the snapshot criteria. It is yet to be known if the NFTX developers can or are willing to update the contract to retrieve the trapped Flame.
  • New utility for the Sacred Flame was created almost a year later via the Warrior Forging event, partially as a response to about half of the flames remaining unused. Dotta commented he considers it a "personal challenge" to entice holders to use their flames.
  • Although it's currently the only token in the Infinity Veil collection, there have been suggestions from Magic Machine that it may be home to future tokens similar to the Sacred Flame.

Contract Info

Network: Ethereum

Contract Address: 0x31158181b4b91a423bfdc758fc3bf8735711f9c5

Contract Name: ForgottenRunesInfinityVeil.sol

Noteworthy Code Comments

// The known is finite, the unknown infinite;
// we stand on an islet
// in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability
// Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult Infinity Veil