The Sacred Flame

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A Sacred Flame

To burn a Wizard will require a Flame. The Flame itself is also an NFT, which will be airdropped to a limited number of Wizard holders.

Only 1112 Flames will be distributed. There will be no gas war to acquire a Flame: the airdrop will go to the longest holding and most committed Wizards, max one per account.

Sacrificial Altar in use

The Flame is an NFT and so Flame-holders may choose to use, hold, trade, or sell their Flame, like any other NFT.

There are only a limited number of Flames, but as an individual, there is no limit to the number of Flames you can use, if you hold them. But a Flame can be used only once and the Wizard is burned with it.

While the Burning is scheduled for 🎃 All Hallows' Eve 🎃, there is no urgency on that day as Flames do not extinguish until they are used. There is also no urgency because burning a Wizard is dark and unpredictable magic. With dark magic, there are no guarantees.