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A Golden Lock
Golden Lock.png
A Golden Lock

Locks were ERC721 tokens rewarded to participants of The Gate to the Seventh Realm unlocking event. This was the first event to utilize specific traits as a requirement for its mechanics, giving unique functionality to specific Wizards. There were 21 locks on the gate to unlock, but participants were required to unlock them in pairs using either a Wizard with a Key of the 7th Realm or a Forgotten Soul with a Quantum Key alongside a Wizard with a Spell related prop. 1 Lock token was generated for each Wizard used, making a a total of 42 Locks issued from this event. The locks take on properties from the type of spell and key used to create them - with an emblem of the spell etched into the lock and the type of lock being either Golden if a Key of The 7th Realm was used and Quantum if a Quantum Key was used to create it.


On Sept.14.2022, holders of these Locks were given the opportunity to sacrifice them together with The Sacred Flame in order to enhance a weapon held by a Warrior. These gilded weapons changed to have either a gold glowing sheen when using a Gold Lock or purple glowing sheen when using a Quantum Lock. Animated particles are also added to the weapon, determined by the spell used to create the lock. Warriors without weapons are unable to use the forge. Unlike sacrificing a Wizard with a Sacred Flame, Warriors are not burned but instead have their metadata updated to reflect their newly acquired weapon. This marks the first time Magic Machine incorporated dynamically updatable properties to one of their collections.

The artwork and animations for these updated weapons were created by 0xCosmo with direction from ElfJTrul.

Head-sloane.pngSalty Sloane Invader of Islands (15516), the first Warrior to forge a gilded weapon.


  • Although only 42 locks exist, gilded variations of all 123 Warrior weapons were still created. Most of these gilded weapons will never be revealed as a result, but it does ensure that the artwork for a particular gilded weapon exists should a lock be used several years down the line. This is similar to how all assets for Forgotten Souls were created even if there is possibility that not all are revealed.
  • The burning mechanic for Locks provided additional utility to the Sacred Flames that were distributed almost an entire year prior, rewarding long term holders of the project.
  • Dotta mentioned that he considers it the fact that so many dedicated cult members still held onto their Sacred Flames as a "challenge", leading to additional utility such as Lock Burning being added to incentivize more people to use their Flames.
  • Prior to the release of gilded weapons, only special Forgotten Runes tokens such as the Quantum Ouroboros and The Sacred Flame were animated.
  • Because of how few Locks exist, there are expected to be 14 Gold Coins released that can similarly update weapon appearances without including the animated effects provided by spells. There was debate among founding members of Magic Machine regarding how many coins should be issued, with ElfJTrul believing more coins should be issued to showcase more of the gilded weapon art and give more members opportunities to participate. Bearsnake and Dotta reasoned that fewer coins should be issued to better retain the balance of the original Warrior's collection while also giving extra chances for more holders to get a gilded weapon of their own.

Contract Info

Chain: Ethereum

Contract: 0xda5cf3a42ebacd2d8fcb53830b1025e01d37832d

Contract Name: GateToTheSeventhRealm

Noteworthy Code Comments

  • "And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour"