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Swords and Sorcery. Might and Magic. Wizards and Warriors have banded together since time immemorial.
Forgotten Runes Warrior's Guild
A Forgotten Runes warrior

The Warriors are the fourth collection in the Runiverse. 16,000 in total (minus a few that have since been burned or otherwise lost to ether), they make up the "might" archetype of the Runiverse. Although most are unable to do magic, there are a few warriors who have access to enchanted equipment. Each Warrior is made up of a head, a body, a prop, a compainion, and a rune. 19 Warrior Honoraries were created for notable cult members.


Relationship Between Wizards and Warriors

The relationship between Wizards and Warriors in the Runiverse is ever-shifting, varied, and complex. Both Wizards and Warriors are comprised of multiple different groups and factions, each of which has their unique view of their counterparts "across the aisle." Individual Wizards and Warriors have also formed their own alliances, friendships, rivalries, and enmity towards other individuals, regardless of their faction's general attitude.

According to Magus Tumbaj of the Mount (3147), "One should not think of the domains of might and magic as two wholly separate categories. Rather they exist as a vesca pisces and come forth from the same place of power! Each aims to bend the world by will. One by gross means; the other, attained by the subtle. Warriors often pray, meditate, or have some sort of aesthetic practice to raise their mana and tune the mind, body and spirit. This is why the warrior monks exist. A few examples I have glimpsed from other realms would be:

• King Arthur and the Magic of Merlin

• The Rosicrucian Knights

• Magic Scrolls worn by Japanese Samurai

• The altered stages of consciousness experienced by The Beserkers

• Magic summoned by druids for the Vikings before battle and rune-carved weapons.

Those are only a few examples of how !magic is an integral part of the warrior lifestyle!"

Legendary Warriors


List of Warrior Heads

List of Warrior Bodies

List of Warrior Weapons

List of Warrior Companions

List of Warrior Runes