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Swords and Sorcery. Might and Magic. Wizards and Warriors have banded together since time immemorial.
Forgotten Runes Warrior's Guild
A Forgotten Runes warrior

The Warriors are the fourth collection in the Runiverse. 16,000 in total (minus a few that have since been burned or otherwise lost to ether), they make up the "might" archetype of the Runiverse. Although most are unable to do magic, there are a few warriors who have access to enchanted equipment. Each Warrior is made up of a head, a body, a prop, a compainion, and a rune. 19 Warrior Honoraries were created for notable cult members.


Legendary Warriors


List of Warrior Heads

List of Warrior Bodies

List of Warrior Weapons

List of Warrior Companions

List of Warrior Runes