Nightmare Imp

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Age: Unknown
Magic Types: Blood Magic, Black Magic, Sorcery, Summoning
Species: Imp

The Nightmare Imp is Beast #6 of the Forgotten Beasts (Season 1) and was summoned into the Runiverse on the 18th of April 10:12:09 PM UTC, block 14611746 of the Ethereum network.


The Prince of Nightmares, the Child of Wrath, the Prophet of the Void, this beast has many names. A cold being of darkness, this Imp portends the annihilation worlds, and dances on the ashes. Fond of weapons and instruments of torture and fear, it's brood weaves hellish dreams for those who dare study the depths of black magic.


The Nightmare Imp was successfully auctioned for 84 eth (approximately USD 256,720.80) to panico.eth. The initial bid began at 0.001 eth. The bidding process took 23 hours and 43 minutes across 16 bids from block 14605361 to block 14611685 and involved 16 separate wallets. This auction had the most number of unique bidders. See the Gate to the Seventh Realm (Implementation).