Magus Devon of the Quantum Downs (6001)

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Magus Devon of the Quantum Downs (#6001)
HeadDark Sister
BodyWhite Tunic
PropGreen Mushroom
FamiliarGreen Asp
RuneRune of Mercury
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🍄Magus Devon of the Quantum Downs🐍
Art by EmptyPz

She specializes in quantum enchanted mushrooms that temporarily grant the ability to perceive alternate realities. On lower doses she lacks the ability to directly interact with these realities, but her familiar snake named Spinor can traverse them to fetch items, such as her famous Game Buddy, within.

Her Rune of Mercury not only acts as a catalyst for enhancing her state of heightened perception, but it also allows her to maintain communications to Spinor as it visits other worlds. Through quantum entanglement, messages can instantly transmit through any boundaries of space and time.

“Our world is like a single mushroom in the forest. The other mushrooms nearby are seemingly independent, but underneath they’re all linked in an intricate weave of mycelium. You can connect to other worlds if you’re able to tap into that hidden layer that bridges us all.”

Offensively she may be weak; but by leveraging her enhanced perception, clairvoyant knowledge of all possible outcomes, and an arsenal of inter-dimensional artifacts stockpiled by Spinor, she can strategically overwhelm even the deadliest of mythical beasts.

Since opening her shop of otherworldly goods, she rarely has the need to engage in combat for materials. Instead, she prefers learning more about the adventures of others. Her various trinkets and weapons attract travelers from all across the land, and she gives generous discounts in return for their fascinating tales. She one day hopes to curate a tome of the greatest stories from her patrons.

Personality 🧙🏻‍♀️

Although she may appear somewhat meloncholy and aloof at times, she is generally friendly and caring. Her exposure to quantum magic has lead to a warped perception of time, to the point where she no longer remembers her own age or can estimate how long a minute is.

Some things she says are bizarre, which may leave others wondering if she has some profoundly esoteric insights into the nature of reality or has become so detached from it that she is a bit insane.

To outsiders she may seem very disorganized, especially with how cluttered her shop is with an array of artifacts, but in her head she has a unique rhyme and reason for where she places things or how she thinks of events.

She can sometimes come off as aloof or air-headed, but is highly calculative and thoughtful.

"Every moment you experience is important, because you are freely choosing to dial into it out of every other moment over the span of your existence. Like a radio knob that can rotate to hone in across any station, you've moved it to now, where you are hearing me say this. Whatever the reason is, you may not even be aware of, but nonetheless this precise timing was meant to be experienced. You may not realize just how important it is until after you've ceased to physically exist."

She's intensely curious and wishes to learn more about the nature of reality, and all the different ways it can be expressed, even if it puts her in danger. Her thirst for knowledge is what entices her to take quantum trips. They draw her closer into the eerie unknown of the Quantum Shadow, which both intrigues but terrifies her. She can't help but teeter along its edge even at the risk of her own sanity.

Spells and Innate Abilities 🪄

Rather than focusing on offensive spells, Magus Devon is an expert in supporting others and disorienting her enemies.

  • Quantum Foresight: If she focuses, she ability to see multiple potential outcomes of a given event simultaneously. She doesn't know which outcome will definitely happen, but can estimate within a margin of error the likelihood of it happening. It's limited only to events currently being experienced. According to her every event that can happen will happen and split into its own branch, but there is no way of knowing which timeline "you" are currently aligned with until all possibilities collapse into a single branch. Because of this she can sometimes be seen as an oracle in a sense, but she herself rejects that title as it implies true clairvoyance.
  • Superposition Shroud: She temporarily creates a shroud around her and her allies where their particles exist in all states at once, making it difficult for enemies to pinpoint their exact location. This can be useful for both offense and defense.
  • Mycelium Entanglement: Strands of mycelium are summoned from the ground which, upon contact, can transmit communications along long distances by harnessing the power of her rune.
  • Temporal Trap: Magus Devon lays down a cluster of Quantum Mushrooms that act as mines. Brushing against them releases airborne spores that cause foes to move slower relative to their surroundings. How slow they move is dependent on how many spores they come in contact with, and can be shaken off, but it can be hard for those under the effect of the spell to recognize they've been afflicted until many spores have brushed against them.
  • Quantum Quandary: Spinor uses his portal abilities to instantly warp around foes to bind and strike them. The venom from his fangs does not poison, rather causes flips the spin state state of their particles causing temporary disorientation as the victims perception of spacetime becomes warped.
  • Spacetime Spindle: Particles are realizes as loops or braids in spacetime rather than single points. Spinor can create knots in spacetime with these particles, which can restrain enemies temporarily. The strength of these knots are dependent on how large he must make them, so can easily be broken by larger foes.
  • Quantum Fungal Fantasy Cloud: One of her most powerful but risky spells. Devon releases quantum spores into a veil covering the immediate vicinity that effects everyone inside of it. Quantum and psychedelic based magic gets enhanced from these spores, and those who are not well accustomed to these states are likely to experience adverse effects that may make it difficult to focus such as surreal hallucinations and loss of motor skills. However, even those who are used to its effects may also have negative experiences depending on their state of mind, so it's somewhat high risk to use in tense situations. It acts as a buff to allies who will most likely share the same magical skillsets as her, while debuff to anyone else. Its effects can be intense but only last at most 15 minutes (although those under its effects may feel it lasts much longer).

Shop of Otherworldly Goods 🍄

A shop littered haphazardly with goods from her trips.

Scrolls and books written in unknown languages, jars with odd substances, powerful looking gauntlets, and even harmless looking stuffed animals decorated the old wooden shelves with what seems to be little organization.

Most items have curious tags labeling them, such as a sword that seems too short to be a sword captioned with "This sword is always the right size."

Aside from artifacts, a wide array of mushrooms of every shape and color can be found almost everywhere; even growing from the wooden floorboards of the shop itself.

Magus Devon lives in the shop, with her bedroom being behind a door in the rear. There is no front counter or cash register, but there is a coffee table in the center of the shop where she sits with customers to personally transact face to face with.

Although many come seeking her goods, they often fall for the allure of the rich earthy aroma of mushroom soup that wafts throughout the air as she always has a kettle brewing in the back. As such, customers often leave with an unexpected purchase of creamy goodness.

Artifacts and Relics 👑

  • Quantum Pouch: Bags made from the leather of Quantum Mushrooms. The items within exist in a state of quantum flux, allowing the pouch to store a near infinite amount of items without gaining any weight. However, opening the pouch means observing what is within, thus collapsing the superposition and only allowing one specific item to be retrieved. As such, it should only be filled with important items and in limited quantities, as overstuffing it makes it difficult to retrieve what you may be looking for.
  • Game Buddy: A portable game device fetched by Spinor after her quantum trip to ACE Town.
  • Moonstone Wishing Pendant: A seemingly normal looking pendant from another reality that has the ability to grant wishes. However, it can only grant wishes that the holder believes it truly possible to achieve, and any doubts they may have with their wishes also get manifested with their wish. Even doubting its ability to grant wishes at all will make it unable to produce any results at all. One must have the utmost conviction that what they are wishing for can realistically be achieved, and know the means of achieving it before making the wish. Once the wish is used, the stone cannot be used by the same individual again, even if their doubts corrupted their wish. Because Devon is the sole holder of this pendant, there is almost always doubts in its abilities, and thus nobody in the Runiverse has actually used it yet as far as anyone is aware. One must not only believe in their wish fully, but believe that Devon is in possession of such a powerful artifact and casually sells it in her shop despite its potential, and how enigmatic she may be. In other words, the only people who are capable of utilizing this artifact are those who truly and fully trust Magus Devon without any hints of uncertainty, despite her not always coming off as the most sane individual. In that sense, this caveat makes it more difficult for its power to be used in the wrong hands.