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Members of the Court.

The Barren Court is a band of nomadic warriors who roam The Sand, protecting the weak and enforcing the law of the desert. Legends tell that long ago, when small strips of the region were considered amongst some of the most arable lands known to the continent, the group numbered in the hundreds, and existed as several allied clans who travelled separately for much of the year, but gathered in the heart of the desert at the height of summer to hold court and debate matters of consequence. Today however, the dunes have enveloped the vast majority of their once fertile homeland, swallowing every hint of lush greenery but for the hardy baobab trees endemic to the borderland between The Sand and the savannah to its south. As a consequence, the Court’s numbers have declined rapidly, and recent reports suggest there may be less than fifty of them remaining, operating largely as a distributed network of spies and enforcers who travel primarily individually or in groups small enough to roam the wastelands undetected.

Central among the tenets of The Barren Court is a profound respect for the land, having seen first-hand the perilous toll its degradation has exacted upon the people, animals and plants that inhabit the desert.

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Organizational Structure

  • Poet Laureate: Apocalypse of the Sacred Pillars (Warrior #12468 / thebarrencourt.eth)


Any eligible warrior can make the arduous journey into the desert and join The Barren Court by swearing the oath of the Court Benefits of joining the Court include:

  • Receive artworks and other commissions of The Barren Court as an airdrop
  • Contribute to a collective worldbuilding effort surrounding The Barren Court
  • Able to break your oath at any time and claim back a troop from The Barren Court's NFTX Vault *

To find out more about your eligibility, or to swear the oath of The Barren Court, click here.

* NFTX Fees may apply. Initial fee rate set to half of the main NFTX warrior pool fee rate.

The Desert Bestiary

Bestiary Park is a colossal wilderness reserve in the westernmost stretches of the Sand, between Atlanta's Pool and the Baobabs. The conservation precincts located within are operated and protected by the Barren Court's ecologists, technocratic peacekeepers who have been ceded sovereign control of the massive enclave. The region is famed for the wide array of exotic wildlife and vegetation endemic to each of its zones, and as a port of call for desert bound adventurers seeking familiars and companions who know these wild lands well to guide them on their journeys.

If your wizard/warrior would like to seek a bond with a desert familiar/companion of their own, click here.

The Grand Cultural Exchange

To the honourable diplomats of the partners of the desert kingdom,

We are writing to you today to invite you to the most sacred of our traditional ceremonies, The Mercantile Sacrament. In the event that you are unfamiliar with our ways, the Mercantile Sacrament is a ceremony in which we offer up among the most sacred of our cultural artefacts as gifts for mutual exchange with those who The Barren Court considers friends of the desert. Held on the first day of the month of the Scarlet Moon, The Mercantile Sacrament is a time of great joy and celebration for our people, and we would be honoured to host you as our guests.

If you would be open to bringing along a gift to represent your own proud culture to offer up to the sands, the following list includes some examples of traditional gifts we have received from allies and partners in previous such ceremonies. However, in the interest of respecting the varied and diverse peoples and creatures of the continent, we would be happy to work with you to accommodate any gift which does not fit neatly within these guidelines.

  • A gift representative of your culture. This will be a square image, video, audio, 3D models or a HTML page, and will be minted from the binding (ERC-1155) contract of the Mercantile Sacrament. The only condition being that we loosely ask it constitute a "gift" thematically, in the spirit of the sacred ceremony.
  • A quote, word of wisdom, or rumours whispered on the winds (a sentence which we will use to generate a square image).
  • Forgotten Runes NFTs, including but not limited to warriors, wizards, souls, ponies and spawns. It is typically not deemed appropriate for babies to attend the ceremony.

We look forward to hearing from the envoys of your kingdoms, and to welcoming you to our heartland in the wandering sands.

The Barren Court

To register for the Grand Cultural Exchange as a foreign envoy, click here.

Barren Outpost

Barren Outpost offers a selection of quests wherein wizards and warriors may be set a task, and the first to complete it shall be rewarded and recorded hereafter in dedication to their valour. Each quest is only available to complete a limited number of times, typically once. Barren Outpost currently only offers solo quests, but group raids will be available during later chapters.

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