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The job board at Barren Outpost offers a selection of quests wizards and warriors may take up in the Court's name, many of which require them to collect enough $BARREN to hire the Court's sellswords stationed there in the process. The first to complete each shall be rewarded and have their name and acts of valour acknowledged upon the board thereafter. Most quests are only available to complete a limited number of times, typically once. Barren Outpost currently only offers solo quests, but group raids will be available during later chapters.

Soon the Court will open up the job board to guest hosts who wish to leave their indelible mark upon the desert sands.

To acquire $BARREN for use in the completion of quests, one can either find an eligible warrior and have them swear the Oath, or purchase it directly from the Sushi Pool.

Any quests below which require the payment of $BARREN via sudoswap OTC can be viewed here. (Click "Load More" repeatedly to view all.)

To complete one of the available quests below, click here and enter the code for the quest you have chosen.

Job Board

Location Quest Name Quest Host Status Requirements Reward Sudoswap Code
Ghoulish Boglands Drain the Swamp The Barren Court Available 0.3 BARREN 1x Heart of the Desert 0x9b63e090ca2dc9581d24267417ddfc6dbdf12e307
Zaros Oasis Hic Sunt Dracones The Barren Court Available 0.35 BARREN 1x Diaphanous Map Fragment 0x9b63e090ca2dc9581d24267417ddfc6dbdf12e306
Mount Titan The Last Ankylosaurus Enchanter Nassif of the Dunes (Stephen) Available 0.75 BARREN or 1x Pile of Sand and Guts 1x Ankylosaurus 0xe60458f765bc61e78940c5a275e9523d1f04969015 or 0xe60458f765bc61e78940c5a275e9523d1f04969014
███ ████████ ████ ███ ███████ █████ Unknown Unknown ██ BARREN Gila Komodo Spawn 0x█████████████████████████████████████████
██ ████████ ███████ █████ ███ █████ ██ █████████ Unknown Unknown ██ BARREN + ??? Lich Pharaoh of The Barren Court 0x█████████████████████████████████████████
Mount Titan The Starbound Shieldbearer The Barren Court Completed None The Starbound Shieldbearer Click here to claim
Manticore Valley The Eye in the Sand Crucifore Failed 2.3 BARREN Zarl Basher of Gross Gorge (Warrior #5064) + The Corrupted Eye 0x13a7d2fb3f73b57ef539c35c4ec59ed49b1833ca8
The Desert Bestiary The Wild Mage The Barren Court Completed by Sorcerer Remus of Cuckoo Land 0.25 BARREN 5 DESBES (Desert Bestiary Familiar claims) 0x9b63e090ca2dc9581d24267417ddfc6dbdf12e308
Great Owl Obelisk Heart of Darkness The Barren Court Completed by Sorcerer Remus of Cuckoo Land 0.4 BARREN 2x Heart of the Desert 0x9b63e090ca2dc9581d24267417ddfc6dbdf12e301
An Unmarked Shallow Grave Horror in the Dunes The Barren Court Completed by Flamma, Chopper of Liches 0.2 BARREN 1x The Shallow Grave of the Pharaoh 0x9b63e090ca2dc9581d24267417ddfc6dbdf12e302
The Sand A Whole New World The Barren Court Completed by Flamma, Chopper of Liches 0.1 BARREN 1x Heart of the Desert 0x9b63e090ca2dc9581d24267417ddfc6dbdf12e304
The Beginning Tutorial Island The Barren Court Completed by Flamma, Chopper of Liches 0.05 BARREN 5x Heart of the Desert + Rudimentary Portable Bandsaw 0x9b63e090ca2dc9581d24267417ddfc6dbdf12e305