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Cult projects are a series of community-led intitiatives within the Runiverse. These projects are 100% community led and have no help or funding from the parent company, Magic Machine. In 2022 alone there were over a dozen of these community led projects.

This list consists of projects anywhere between whole new collections such as Forgotten Punks or Wizard Nouns, or community created Comics such as Canis Coven. All of these projects serve to grow and expand the Forgotten Runiverse.

Forgotten Babies Wizard Orphanage

On 2/22/2022 10,000 babies were born into the Runiverse. Parents can dress them up, send them on fun adventures, and record every precious moment in our Baby Book of Lore at Learn more at Forgotten Babies Wizard Orphanage

The Barren Court

The Barren Court is a band of Nomadic Warriors who roam the vast Sand deserts of the Runiverse. Any Warrior can join the court but must take the “Oath of the Court”. Some have been able to tame the dangerous creatures that roam The Sand.

The Black Sand

The BlackSand is a city that is located between the Salt Sea and the Mountains of Light. Here is where community led competitive events take place. Such as the BlackSand Tournament where Wizards and Warriors can duel by the Salt Sea for glory, or BlackSand Racing, where your pony can compete to become the Runiverse Champion!

Forgotten Punks

A collection inspired by the magic of Forgotten Runes Wizards' Cult, and the timelessness of Crypto Punks, the ForgottenPunks are a homage to !magic.

Heroes of Cumberland

The Heroes of Cumberland are a collection of 4597 hotdog heroes on a quest to corrupt the culinary world of wizards. Within this project was the platformer game: “SHUCKS: Pumpkin Panic” where you can run, jump, climb and squash pumpkins with your hero!

Forgotten Market

The Forgotten Market is an open source all things Runiverse Marketplace, with all of the fees going back to the Cult DAO. As well as the ability to filter by lore and affinity and see the walk cycle of the chosen Character.

Wizard Nouns

Wizard Nouns are a collection of 1,185 free to claim NFT’s for Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult Holders. Created by Sweetbread_eth, tv, O(tobelstobreathe), spz.

Loxely Labs

Loxley Labs is combining top tier storytelling from industry luminaries with infrastructure that enables builders to level up.

The Atelier

The Atelier is a renowned studio born from FRWC storytelling inputs, hosting a master-disciple lineage of creatives, merging the artists’ personal development with community lore building. The former keeper of The Atelier was Master Qaid of the Sun, the Sorcerer, who bequeathed it to his apprentice, Ozzz, who’s been portraying wizards, warriors and landscapes of the Runiverse.

Runes TCG

Runes Trading Card Game is game with fun, easy to grasp, yet engaging gameplay that has a major focus on co-authoring & storytelling. Runes aims to bring the Runiverse to life through the introduction of various creatures, people, and places via Runes cards and strives to deepen players’ relationships with the Runiverse by allowing them another way to interact with, and contribute to, the world & collaborative legendarium.

Tiny Cult PixelDolls4FRWC

Tiny Cult PixelDolls4FRWC represents Cult for Cult Content in such a playful and useful way. Custom-made for FRWC token holders by an FRWC token holder these cute little pixel dolls are more than just adorable collectibles for Cult members. These cute little pixel dolls made to match your token are great for adding depth to your lore bringing a new asset to your story-telling. Include their image in your memes, gift them away in story to a good friend on a special day and include the NFT, or even request a custom doll or doll costume for a new story! Made in earnest devotion to the most creative and amazing cult and their valued token holders!

Canis Coven

Canis Coven is a forthcoming graphic novel series for ages 13+ by writer and artist Tania del Riobased on tokens and IP from the Forgotten Runes NFT collection. Volume 1, Canis Coven and the Kitsune’s Tear,is slated for release in 2023, comprising of 6 individual chapters which will also be released as separate comic book issues.

The Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove community merch project is a collection of real world objects dreamt up by the cult to put wonderful things into the hands of the community. This box contained items such as a Runes_TCG starter deck, Gigas Chads Sack of Collectibles, a custom Runiverse game mat, and so much more!

The Cult Community Cast

The Cult Community Cast is a community run podcast started by MeepleDad. This podcast serves as an audio library for a number of shows, some weekly, some monthly, and some ad hoc.

The Eternal Rose

The Eternal Rose embodies beauty, strength & love. There is a magic within most of them that preserves their red, delicate petals far beyond the lifespan of ordinary roses. On 8/22/2022 all Eternal Rose yielding wizards were given an airdrop.


Runeball is one of the most popular sports that takes place in the Runiverse. Runeball is a combination of elements from various real-world sports, such as soccer and basketball, with added magical elements.

Suggested Lore

Suggested Lore is a project for crafting histories for loreless Characters in the world of Forgotten Runes through the use of poetry.