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The Eternal Rose embodies beauty, strength & love. There is a magic within most of them that preserves their red, delicate petals far beyond the lifespan of ordinary roses.

Eternal Rose

There are 159 Wizards with Eternal Rose props, making it the 39th rarest prop a Wizard could have. (38th if you don't count "none" as a prop) When passed through the Sacred Flame, the Eternal Rose appears to turn into the prop: Flaming Rose. It appears 3 of the 159 Eternal Rose holders have walked through The Sacred Flame. Baby Wizards who might grow up to hold Eternal Roses are often holding Rose Buds

Eternal Rose Lore

Rose on a grave.png

While there is no "official" tale, it's clear that Eternal Roses are often at the center of stories of love, pain, longing & lust. Their bountiful beauty, grace and power make them the objects of true love, but also of deep lust and greed.

One such tale rumours that The Eternal Rose's began in the Red Wizard Capital, in a garden tended by a humble Brown-Hat Wizard, by the name of Battle Mage Samuel of the Canyon. He grew the rose for the peasants and low folk of the city but when their beauty was discovered by the Oligarchs of the Capital, they chased the peasants out, poor Sam included.

But Sam took a cutting of the briar and other seeds and cuttings, so that he might start a new garden. With those cuts, the magic of the city garden was cut, and the remaining roses on the vine became eternally blooming, even after they were cut. While the rest of the garden died and withered, those last roses live on, eternally.

Now, the roses are hunted by the wealthy and greedy, as their beauty is unmatched. Those humble wizards who love the roses for their magic, keep their eternal roses a secret so they don't fall into the wrong hands.

To read the fully story of Sam and the Origins of the Eternal Rose, read Sam's lore, or find it here.

Other stories tell of the Rose's being born into being during moments of extreme love and sacrifice. This tale tells of a greedy king who wanted to keep the beauty of the world hidden from others. When his daughter escaped with her true love, his rage ultimately lead to the lovers make the Eternal Sacrifice and stepping through the The Sacred Flame so that their love could live on, Eternally. All that was left behind was a Rose on a grave:

The Enchanted Garden

The Tale of Sam goes on to bloom into the idea of the Enchanted Garden. While this mythical place has no direct connection to the Eternal Roses themselves, it was a place inspired by The Eternal Roses and the longing for a place for Wizards, Warriors and Wanderers who need a sanctuary: Somewhere free from oppressors, safe from the elements, and a fertile ground to plan their ideas, gardens and roots.

In the story of Sam, he fled the Capital and started a new garden, which stays magically hidden from those who seek out the roses and their beauty only satiate their greed and lust. The garden will only reveal itself to those who are of a true heart and in true need. The garden is said to contain magical healing properties and has appeared for many Wizards & Warriors giving them food, shelter, healing & guidance. There have even been rumours that the great Cockatrice uses the Enchanted Garden as a save haven where she can roost, keeping her eggs safe from the Wizards who wish to steal her children from her.

Some Wizards have started to gather in the Enchanted Garden to collaborate, connect, play & learn together. If you're the kind of community member interested in helping others grow: join us!

The Order of the Eternal Rose

The Order of the Eternal Rose is a secret organization of Wizards, Warriors and others who have taken a vow to protect the Eternal Roses and the Enchanted Garden. While many of the Order poses Eternal Roses themselves, there are many member who do not. Witch Tabitha of the Marsh has been rumoured to be a non-rose holding member of the Order, for example. On the flip side: possessing an Eternal Rose does not automatically grant holders membership in the Order either. Many who hold roses don't even know of the existence of the Order.

Some of the stories of the Order can be found on a collaborative page: The Order of the Eternal Rose

If you want to learn more about the Order and how to get involved in the story telling of this collaborative tale, join the Enchanted Garden discord page or message The Keeper on Twitter or in discord

The Beginnings of the Story

The beginnings of the story telling of Sam, the Enchanted Garden, the Order and more have been rumoured to link back to crypto OG NotSoFast who famously destroyed his rare, beautiful Black Lotus Magic the Gathering card in a piece of performance art that kicked off his NFT Lotus Project. This project intended to launch a collections of 10,000 beautiful Lotus NFTs that would remember the sacrifice of the original Veblen good. This project was however, put on an Eternal pause, just hours before the mint due to incoming legal action from Hasbro, the manufacture of Magic the Gathering who claimed IP infringement on the project. While the case was stacked in favour of NotSoFast and his team, sadly, agreeing to fight in court could have meant public doxxing for the crypto anon. The 200 Ether that has been crowd funded for the project was returned in full and the project was stopped, dead in its tracks.

Shortly after the collapse of the Lotus project, Notsofast and the Keeper showed up in the Forgotten Runes discord, the Eternal Rose prop floor was swept by NotSoFast himself shortly after. Sam, and a couple others reside in his gallery still. Some have speculated that the Origin story of Sam and his tale mirror that of NotSoFast and the Lotus project. Both sought to bring something beautiful to the community and saw oppression from powerful overreaching overlords who used their influence to keep the magic all for themselves.

Archives of the art from the Lotus project can be found on the Keepers Twitter if you're willing to scroll back a bit.

The White Roses Airdrop

On August 22nd 2022, The Eternal Rose art project launched.

Example of Eternal Rose NFT

With its roots in Not So Fasts Lotus Project, the Eternal Roses saw the same backgrounds, spells, enchantments and artifacts blended with brand new Rose art. All the art for this project was done by Mankind, an outstanding crypto artist who has been active in the space for years. The deployment of the contract saw a 251 people airdropped a rose, most of whom were members of the Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult.

Airdrops were based upon:

- The OG lore writers list.

- All wallets holding at least 1 Eternal Rose wielding Wizard

- A dozen additional community members who helped build, project or grow the Forgotten Runes community and the Enchanted Garden.

The Keeper teased the drop in the secret tower for 10 days, by dropping background art labeled as places from around the Runiverse. Some of those arts have been uploaded to the Wizzypedia articles for those locations.

Additional story, lore and worldbuilding may follow, but the primary objective of this project is nothing more than beautiful art. For those curious, you can check out the public mint page.

Eternal Rose Prizes

The Black Sands pony races in 2023 will include some prizes of Eternal Rose NFTs. Details to be reveled!