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Citizens and visitors of BlackSand! Welcome to the BlackSand Pony Racing home page. Here you can find all the information you need to learn about and participate in our Pony Races.

Game Overview and Rules

BlackSand Racing is a Forgotten Runes Community game run with a combination of Twitter Polls and Discord Dice Rolls.

As the name suggests, the game consists of "Races." In this case Pony Races, with Ponies being the official mount of the Forgotten Runes Ecosystem. Any holder of at least 1 Forgotten Runes Ponies is eligible to participate. 1 pony per holder.

Races typically run for 1 week, starting Thursday and ending the following Wednesday. The winner of each race is determined through the BlackSand Racing Point System. During any race, points can be score in a few ways:

Point System

  1. Twitter Points: for each race, a 24hrs poll is run on Twitter; ponies score points proportionally to how many poll votes the win
  2. Treats Points: Pony holders that own specific Forgotten Runes Treats can feed them to their ponies to incentivize them to run fasters. You can roll dices in the FRWC Discord to score Treats points according to which treats you feed to your pony. Be careful tho! Use too many treats, an your Pony might get Indigestion
  3. Event Points: a Special Event typically occurs in every race, providing unique ways to score points for your pony

Pony Cards, Experience and Levels

Each Pony that participate in the races receives a BlackSand Racing Card. These cards are meant to be a useful reference to track the progress of your pony as they earn experience and level up.

After each race, your pony will earn Experience Points. There are different ways to use Experience Points, the main one being to level-up your pony. Whenever you level-up your pony, you have a chance to learn a new ability or to improve an ability your pony has already learned.


Some races are one-off events. But the majority of the races taking place in BlackSand will be part of Championships. Your pony can score Championships Points after every race, according to their Race Rank.

Read the infographics below for more detailed BlackSand Gaming rules:

Detailed Rules

Inaugural Pony Race - The First Ride