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The first wizard baby, created by Zay La Soul, and a tweet from Dotta exclaiming he loves the idea of baby wizards.

Forgotten Babies Wizard Orphanage is a cult-drive project created by Bill Gains and acideater.eth. The Forgotten Babies Wizard Orphanage is an NFT collection based on the Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult. All Forgotten Rune assets have been minimized or adjusted/replaced to fit the baby 'theme' and are some new baby only items.

Minting opened on February 22nd, 2022.

90% of the funds collected through the minting of Baby Wizards were sent to the House of Wizards. To date in excess of 190 eth has been sent from the orphanage to the DAO.

The Forgotten Babies have their own book of lore (currently in alpha) which can be found here which was launched in May.

NFTWorlds Server

On April 19th, the Baby Wizards launched their own a minecraft server, built on an NFTWorlds seed, where Wizstock (2022) was held. The server features a spawn area with over 100 unique buildings, a coliseum, a dragon, and a castle.

You can access the baby wizards NFTWorlds server here:

Wizstock Outfits

Baby Wizards NFTWorlds Server
A selection of Wizstock outfits from Wizstock 2022

Coinciding with the NFTWorlds server launch, there was a limited edition free mint of a mutable NFT experiment called Forgotten Pixels Digital Clothes which allowed users to dress up and mint a copy of their wizard or baby in Wizstock themed outfits.

Roadmap and Future Development

Accomplishments to date:

  • Project Launched Feb 22nd, 2022 with a mint price of .0222 eth, with free mints for all wizards/souls with lore.
  • NFTWorlds server launched on April 19th, 2022
  • First experiment with Baby Transformations happened on April 19th, 2022 with the launch of Wizstock clothes app.
  • Baby Book of Lore (alpha) launched on May 20th, 2022.

Currently in development:

  • New babies website
  • Transformations + staking

Future Objectives

  • Purchase land in Runiverse and build a location for baby holders to hang out.
  • Produce unique goods for holders of baby wizards in the Runiverse game.




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