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The Cult Community Cast is a community run podcast started by MeepleDad. This podcast serves as an audio library for a number of shows, some weekly, some monthly, and some ad hoc.

Cult Community Cast Shows

Coffee with Magic Machine thumbnail July 12.png

- Wizard Wednesday - A weekly show, hosted by Magic Machine

Wednesdays - 5pm EST on the Forgotten Runes Twitter

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- Coffee With Magic Machine - A bi-weekly show, hosted by Jitcy & LaChness of the Magic Machine team

Tuesdays - 11am EST on the Forgotten Runes Twitter

- Lore-Shop Writers Workshops - A retired weekly show that showcased artists, writers and creators

S01 E01 - Dungeon Master Dean

S01 E02 - Author Nathan Green

S01 E03 - World Builder Rae

S01 E04 - Editing with Tania Del Rio

This show was transformed into the Weekly Wizard Workshop

- The Weekly Wizard Workshop - A weekly show, hosted by MeepleDad & Emma

Thursdays - 9pm EST on MeepleDad's Twitter

Find amazing interviews, lore readings, community hang outs, and more

Notable Episodes:

S01 E02 - Lore Punk talks Poems

S01 E13 - Elf Halloween talk

S01 E15 - Brennen.eth Board Games

- Tales From the Tavern - A pre-recorded interview show, hosted by MeepleDad

S01 E01 - Two Crows

S01 E02 - Elf

S01 E03 - Tabitha of the Marsh

S01 E04 - Give-a-hoot

Listen in and/or collect the NFTs of the shows using the links above. Art credit: Artis Rock

- D&Degens - A pre-recorded game of Dungeons & Dragons, set in the Runiverse that has been edited for your listening pleasure

S01 E01 - Ghorhoth - Teaser - A Halloween themed episode: Our band of adventures stumbles into a festive town celebrating one thousand years of peace... until now...

S01 E01 - Ghorhoth - Part 1

S01 E01 - Ghorhoth - Part 2

S01 E02 - Rise of the Kitsune - Teaser - Set at the Winter Solstice, our adventures a pulled through the gate of the seven realms to help solve an ancient mystery

S01 E02 - Rise of the Kitsune - Full Episode

S01 E03 - The Zombie King CEO - Teaser - Falling public option polls give the Zombie King CEO reason to hire a rag-tag band of body guards at Big Potions Inc's new product reveal. Comedy ensues.

- Cult Community Cast Bonus Shows

S01 E01 - Elf Monologues - Wizard Hat Colours