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Runeball is one of the most popular sports that takes place in the Runiverse. Runeball is a combination of elements from various real-world sports, such as soccer and basketball, with added magical elements.

In Runeball, two teams of players compete on a field, with the goal of scoring points by getting a ball past the opposing team's defense and into a designated scoring area. Players are able to use magic to enhance their abilities and affect the ball and other players. For example, a player may be able to cast a spell to make themselves run faster, or to cause the ball to change direction in mid-air. It's likely that there are different types of magic which is restricted and can be used by each player, depending on their capabilities, the game rules, and the overall fantasy world concept.

Runeball matches are likely to be high-energy and fast-paced, with players using their magical abilities to gain an advantage over their opponents. The use of magic could add an extra level of strategy to the sport, as teams may need to come up with new tactics to counter their opponents' spells. It's is always an exciting and thrilling sport for the audiences to watch and get involved in.