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ForgottenPunks are a Forgotten Runes derivative collection of 1000 Wizard Inspired punks. First released on October 7th, 2022, these punks costed 0.01 ETH and sold out in just 7 minutes. The creators of this project (PabloAstro and SPZ) continued to build on this project with mirroring the Cult with the summoning ritual of SoulPunks the same month on Halloween. In order to summon a SoulPunk you had to possess a summoning circle which was able to be claimed free by all ForgottenPunk holders, or minted for 0.033 ETH and a ForgottenPunk. If you decided to burn both the summoning circle and the ForgottenPunk you were returned a SoulPunk.

Summoning Circles are still able to be claimed by any ForgottenPunk holder, to claim your own circle or to buy a ForgottenPunk for yourself, visit here