The Heroes of Cumberland

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A proud cucumdog warrior with a lettuce leaf gladiator cape and a silver pitchfork. He has an adorable pet chicken.
Frank Red, Spokesdog for Cumberland Foods

The Heroes of Cumberland is a Forgotten Runes derivative collection of characters from the town of Cumberland, which is located just south of the Brown Wizard Delta on the Runiverse Map. Heroes of Cumberland are a combination of meaty amalgamations that were created in The Factory on August 24th, 2022. Hotdog heroes, animal/human hybrids, and Plant folk, all with unique stories and dreams just like the wizards and warriors that came before them. In addition to the character collection (created by feckless), stories are being created around the town of Cumberland in the form of videogames, the first of which is titled Shucks: Pumpkin Panic! and follows the journey of Shucks, a heroic corn kid, as he battles his way through the haunted pumpkin patch and ultimately defeats the Ghost Squash of legend.

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Notable Heroes

Pickle without a Cause

Acting as a conduit between the HOA and the strange and powerful Cthulhucumber, Pickle played a crucial role in the summoning of the Heroes of Cumberland.

He drives a modified Charlie Davison motorcycle which he used to set a (generally unrecognized) record on the Quantum Run.


A heroic Corn Kid and the titular character of Shucks: Pumpkin Panic!.

Doughy, the Prince of O

The most noble doughknight in all of O, his eternal fealty was won by [TestFire] in the first annual Cumberland Cup hosted by the Blacksand Racing Committee.

The Wanderer

An elusive and powerful entity that roams the Runiverse endlessly. (Currently owned by DeeLo)

The Red Pig

Lieutenant General of the Wings of Pigarus and the most feared dogfighter in the Runiverse.

The Headless Biker

Mysterious and incredibly dangerous, the Headless Biker is rumored to appear in seedy joints and biker bars to mete out justice to those who are cruel to their family members.


With the call of the Dinnerbell, Milkshake brings all the boys to the Yard.

The Golden Calf

Revered by some and scorned by others, the Golden Calf is a divisive and deific force in the Brown Wizard Delta. Legend has it that the Calf of the Calf is capable of granting wishes to deserving individuals.

The Grillmaster

The Grillmaster comes down from his place on the Hill to participate in the annual Cumberland Cook-Off, which he has won for 7 years in a row. Some say that he is the only one who knows the mystery behind the Everburning Ember that lies at the center of the Barbeque Pit, but these claims are thus far unsubstantiated.