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The Atelier is a renowned workshop/studio that hosts a master-disciple lineage of artists and creatives. Known artists that have taken residence in The Atelier include; Ozzz and Sorcerer Qaid of the Sun (6776). For students, sessions in the Atelier typically include direct transmission of artistic technique in addition to wisdom teachings and discourses on spiritual approach. The Atelier also has a number of traditions that include the offering of hospitality to guests. Previous residents of The Atelier are sometimes referred to as The Past Masters.

"Brushes should honour the truth." - Sorcerer Qaid of the Sun (6776)


The exact date of and persons responsible for The Atelier's construction is unknown. The Atelier pre-dates both the current resident Ozzz and previous resident Sorcerer Qaid of the Sun (6776).

Sorcerer Qaid of the Sun (6776) was student to a unnamed Master before Ozzz became the primary resident of the Atelier.


The region in which the location of The Atelier is estimated to be. (pictured above)

The exact location of the Atelier is unknown although it is known to be between the mountains and rivers to the west of the Elysian Gates, east of Rabbit Lake, and south of White Wizard Tower. It is believed that it's location was chosen for its natural beauty and seclusion from broader society.

The Gift Tradition

The Atelier has a gift tradition where guests and visitors are asked to gift an item to the Atelier, in exchange an item from The Atelier is gifted to them.

"The Atelier is a hub, a place for encounters: exchange and experience. Therefore, revelation. To pass through is to arrive and to leave. To leave is to go, but also to let go. Everyone that passes through The Atelier leaves part of themselves and takes part of The Atelier with them." - Ozzz

The originator of The Gift Tradition is unknown.

A feather of Sage Atlas of the Steppe's crow familiar, Fern.
Known History of The Gift Tradition
Guest Season Item Gifted Item Received
Sage Atlas of the Steppe (4784) 0 Fern's feather Antique craftmanship
Tad Defender of Light (15511) 0 Large feather from a scarlet macaw Fern's feather
Artificer Chiron of the Havens (1036) 0 Sphere of Veracity Large feather from a scarlet macaw
Bugbear Chieftain (2) 0 Pot pf bugbear war paint Sphere of Veracity
Archmagus George of the Cosmos (2140) 0 Starstone Amulet Pot pf bugbear war paint

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