Bugbear Chieftain

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Habitat: Equatorial Jungles
Rank: Chieftain
Species: Bugbear

The Bugbear Chieftain is Beast #2 of the Forgotten Beasts (Season 1) and was summoned into the Runiverse on the 14th of April 08:44:25 PM UTC, block 14585759 of the Ethereum network.


This Bugbear Chieftain has enjoyed a brutal and licentious reign deep in the equatorial jungles . He commands hordes of bugbears, often to the irritation of the Green Wizards of the region. His legions are filled with his own illegitimate children, and they are as wild and unruly as their debaucherous sire. Dressed in yellow loincloths and their signature pink warpaint, the bugbears ride to battle on their unbridled jungle pigs.


Bugbear Chieftain was successfully auctioned for 50.05 eth (approximately USD 151,239.09) to jailwarden.eth. The initial bid began at 1 eth. The bidding process took 24 hours and 33 minutes across 13 bids from block 14579122 to block 14585759 and involved 9 separate wallets. See the Gate to the Seventh Realm (Implementation).