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'Sungazing in the Sun' featuring Sorcerer Qaid of the Sun. Ozzz's first piece of Forgotten Runes art.

Ozzz is one of the most prolific artist community members in the Forgotten Runes universe. Ozzz was first known for his renditions of settings and backgrounds for wizards that begun with 'Sungazing in the Sun', featuring his own wizard Sorcerer Qaid of the Sun (6776), in August 2021. Since then he has gone on to produce commissioned work for a number of characters in a varying styles and create the cover for The Book of Lore.

In June 2022 Ozzz began a lore-driven art project set in the Forgotten Runes universe under the title 'The Atelier of Ozzz' in collaboration with O. In 2023 the project's name was shortened to 'The Atelier' to better fit its world building purposes.

In September 2023 The Atelier's official website was launched.


Ozzz is a multi-talented artist that has been exploring the medium, making use of the expression agnosticism the Forgotten Runes IP allows. This means that Ozz has created commissioned works for community members and characters in multiple styles. Many of his works are pixel-art but his exploration has also drawn him into other forms of work with some regularity. Ozzz has created artworks for wider use such as general backgrounds, Wizard Wednesday promotional art, and The Book of Lore. Most recently deciding to deepen his works ability to deepen world lore through 'The Atelier of Ozzz'.

Early Work

'The Ghost Kitchen' featuring Ghost Eater Bathsheba of the Toadstools. Art by Ozzz.

On August 16th 2021 Ozzz first shared 'Sungazing in the Sun' featuring Sorcerer Qaid of the Sun (6776). This was a pixel-art piece shared on twitter and was the first Forgotten Runes derivative Ozzz created. This was quickly followed up by 'The Ghost Kitchen' featuring Ghost Eater Bathsheba of the Toadstools (6725) and 'Home of the Hunter' featuring Master of Spots Hunter (19) in the following 2 weeks. Before the end of the 2021 Ozzz had created over twenty pieces of derivative art featuring over twenty characters.

Early into his creating for the Forgotten Runes community Ozzz also delivered general purpose backgrounds and a Wizard Wednesday promotional piece.

The Book of Lore

The original artwork for the The Book of Lore was created by ElfJTrul and released on September 23rd 2021. This original cover was replaced by a cover created by Ozzz released on January 19th 2022.

"I'll just say it looks one thousand times better than the Book of Lore cover I did!" - ElfJTrul, Wizard Wednesday Ep. 23, 19th January 2022, 5:50s

Depiction of Witch Florah of the Mountain by Ozzz

Non-Pixel Art

Whilst much of the work produced by Ozzz in the first weeks was pixel-art his creations span multiple styles. He has since showcased work in a number of styles. Notable works include; 'Purity' featuring Witch Florah of the Mountain (512) [commissioned by Smolprotecc], 'MYTHOS' featuring Adept Hadrien of the Rock (1144), and a comic strip featuring Shadow Mage Hagar of the Realm (7804).

The Atelier of Ozzz

In June of 2022 Ozzz began a new project in collaboration with O called 'The Atelier'. The project is lore-driven with commissioned pieces offered to 'Friends' of The Atelier. The first session was won for 0.4ETH by Warder. The character chosen by Warder to visit The Atelier was Sage Atlas of the Steppe (4784) and led to the work; 'On the move'.

The Atelier has a gift tradition that means all guests leave and receive a gift. Sage Atlas of the Steppe received 'Antique Crafstmanship'.

List of Selected Works

Ozzz has created many works for a range of characters and events. Below is a sample of some of the 'unmissable' works.

In Lore

As part of 'The Atelier', Ozzz is also a character in the Forgotten Runes universe. A disciple to Sorcerer Qaid of the Sun (6776), Ozzz receives guests and continues the traditions of The Atelier.

Collaboration in Community Projects

  • 2022, December - Late that year Ozzz drew 30 more cards for the Runes TCG Core Set, which this time showcased various pixel artists. In addition to his work as an artist, he also featured as a character, portraying himself.
  • 2023 - The Cabinet of Curiosities | Collaborating with Vmark, he did ilustrations and a pixel animation for the Cabinet.
  • 2023 - BlackSand | Ozzz joined the art team to work on several projects, such as drawing 1/1 mounts for the BlackSand Mounts collection, The Runiverse Grand Tour, in collaboration with the Forgotten Runiverse, and the BlackSand Burning event.