The Cabinet of Curiosities

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The Cabinet of Curiosities is a magical item workshop deep in the Fey, close to the Carnival Pass. It is operated by an elderly wizard who's identity remains a mystery, and his apprentice, Alchemist Impy of the Toadstools (3209). They produce all kinds of tools and artifacts, a wizard or a warrior can dream of. It is one of those places where people get without even knowing they are looking for it. Some search for it for years, others just get there by accident, taking a light walk from the Carnival Pass.

Impy working outside the Cabinet

So far two items have been revealed, the first was The Lorb - a crystal ball which lets you see how the living beings are connected to each other in the Runiverse, and The Enchanted Mirror - a powerful item able to capture a wizard or warrior in its reflection. Recently a large number of wizards have visited the Cabinet, to craft new items with the help of Impy.


The items crafted in the The Cabinet of Curiosities live on-chain, in the following collection:


The Cabinet of Curiosities was created by vmark, with illustrations from mafriends and Ozzz.