The Book of Lore

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The Cover of The Book of Lore drawn by Ozzz.

The Book of Lore is an on-chain a compendium of all the stories, art, and creative energy of our Cult members. The primary utility of FRWC NFTs (aside from The Sacred Flame) is permission to create entries in the Book of Lore and contribute to the Runiverse and the Collaborative Legendarium. To contribute to this book, follow this guide.

The FRWC team, since its launch, has treated Book Of Lore entries as the ultimate contribution to the project. The team has mentioned time and time again that they reference the Book of Lore for source material for the media that they are creating surrounding the Runiverse. Creating entries in the Book Of Lore has also been the primary way that FRWC members become eligible for airdrops such as Sacred Flame, Ponies, and free Warriors.

There are no hard guidelines to follow when lore is submitted, so you find a range of different stories in different time periods all throughout the Runiverse.



Even though the BoL is inscribed on-chain, one can still edit the contents of an entry.