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In October 2021, community member TV first came up with the idea of Wizard's Nouns. TV was inspired by a custom Wizard's Noun that community member Ser Joey commissioned for his wizard, Head-joey.pngPunk Rock Arcanist Joey (20). TV proposed the idea in the main FRWC Guilds chat and shared an additional Wizard Noun prototype using his own wizard, Illusionist of the Event Horizon (#6103). The concept is based on the NounsDAO visual concept; the CCO license of that project allows for derivatives. In the Wizard format, each Wizard's head and body are "Nounified"; in other words, converted into the simple, 8-bit pixel style of the Nouns, and sporting the trademark spectacles.

The original Wizard's Noun was created by @TimpersHD (Twitter) Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/PunkHot10/status/1448666266718257155?s=20&t=h5rfGkIsTnCo-S5H3q-Csg

Dotta encouraged TV's idea and offered to provide support for the minting contract as well as compensation for the artist. After a few days, community artist Bread volunteered to create the art assets, and provided some samples. Eventually, community members O and spz also joined the core team. As recognized on the website, besides Dotta, community members bvksn, Chuck K., Madotsuki, popular, and Peppy also provided guidance and support for this initiative.

Original concept art by @sweetbread_eth (Twitter)

The Wizard's Nouns collection was released on November 24, 2021 at 5 PM GMT, as a free (+gas) mint for wizard holders only. Initially, the mint was capped at 1 per wallet, with 2500 max supply - enough for each holder at the time to get one. Overall, the Wizard's Nouns received wide acclaim for the artwork, minting experience, and ability to get a derivative matching one's wizard.

On December 1st, minting limits were expanded to one per wizard token, as the collection had not been minted out after one week. Finally, on December 3rd, all minting was closed permanently; 1,185 Wizard's Nouns had been minted. The reason given for the limited minting window was to make the collection exclusive and limited - holding Wizard's Nouns was an acknowledgement of early involvement in the Forgotten Runes community.

Minted Wizard Noun of notable wizard Wise Sam.

Website: https://www.wizardsnouns.com/

Collection page (OpenSea): https://opensea.io/collection/wizardsnouns