Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2024-03-20

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After introductions, Dotta dives right in to note how good the 3D Warriors that Elf teased in the Secret Tower look.

3D Warriors, Runiverse Pre-Alpha Playtest, & Market Notes

3D Warrior Tease
3D Warrior Sneak Peek

Elf says the 3D Warrior collection is currently in production, and the absolute earliest it might launch will be July. Elf notes the difficulty of bringing artistic interpretation to the pixel Character primitives, and he says that he thinks the team creating the 3D Warrior collection is nailing it.

Forgotten Runiverse Updates

Dotta then says that he's hanging out by the City Stone in the Forgotten Runiverse playtest. Elf asks Madotsuki what's new in the latest Runiverse demo.

Mado says he doesn't want to spoil too much, but mentions new spells, a new city with plots of land for building, and an endgame area for this pre-alpha build. Mado also speaks about rebalanced battle mechanics. Madotsuki says that there have also been quality-of-life updates to the Runiverse MMO build, like persistent global chat, party chat, bugfixes, and artistic updates. He tells those who did not gain entry to the playtest not to worry, and that the game would be open again soon.

Market Notes

Elf asks Dotta who bought the Punk for $16MM. Dotta says he isn't sure who the buyer is, when Elf says that he's tempted to ask if the sale is a market top signal or if it means the bull run is just getting started. Dotta says he thinks the bull is just getting started.

Dotta notes that the SEC wants to classify Ethereum as a security as a nuclear option: they can't get Bitcoin, but maybe they can get Ethereum. He says that could splash cold water on the bull market, but his guess is that they try it, bring FUD, draw out the bull, and then lose. Elf says he thinks the SEC has a terrible track record in court and he doesn't even know if they're trying to win cases or just want to slow everything down.

Madotsuki notes BlackRock's recent deposit of USDC on ETH as a vote of confidence for ETH.

Updates From the Normies

Unrelated Kobold Meme
Unrelated Kobold Meme

Dotta asks about updates from the team's "normie" friends in terms of their feelings toward crypto, saying he hasn't seen as many of his friends who were involved last cycle being active. Jitcy says his friends are buying—Dotta notes they're poker players.


Dotta asks how people are trading Solana coins on their phone. Madotsuki says you have to use bots. CheddaaBob then joins to say he uses a bot called Shuriken. Dotta asks why Solana is having trouble—if it's the network or congestion. Madotsuki says it's a little bit of both. He notes a thread that he posted where Solana dev Mert responded saying that the issues were known and being corrected.

The Next NFT Meta

Elf asks where the next NFT meta is going to pop up. Madotsuki says that Ordinals are a good bet. Dotta says that he keeps hearing that Base will be the next place, but he isn't seeing memecoins on Base as much as on Solana. He also wonders if Blast offers a better casino. Dotta mentions a notice of chain "snobbery," speaking in particular about how the Farcaster community seems to want to distance themselves from financialization. The conversation continues about memecoins on Base, with the consensus being that the memes on Base fall flat.

Cult Questions

I just made a bad joke in the image text. If you're using a text reader, shout out to you. Most people won't see this.
Dotta Individually Handing Life To Each And Every Member of Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, Date Unknown

Pumping Life Into the Cult

Elf then segues into Cult Questions, starting with a question about what can be done to pump some extra life into the Cult. Elf says wait about a month. Dotta says he's been talking to his lawyers a lot lately and they say not to talk about it on Wizard Wednesday.

Gasless Lore

Elf answers a question about the validity of "gasless" Lore, noting that it does not need to be on-chain to be contributed to the overall worldbuild. Dotta says he thinks it matters, as does participation in preservation of the Book of Lore and bolstering its longevity.

Dotta says he thinks that whenever Forgotten Runes has another airdrop, that on-chain Lore should get "a little boost—especially if it's good." He says he will give the Cult a heads up when it's "time to move [the Lore] on-chain."

The Forgotten Runiverse
The Forgotten Runiverse

The Runiverse's Landmass

Elf answers a questions about the name of the landmass of the Runiverse. He says in his writings for the new Lore website, he's been referring to it as the "Runic Supercontinent."

The Quantum Shadow

Following that, Elf answers a question about the Quantum Shadow and the object that casts it. Elf says it isn't an actual shadow, and it actually has other names such as Void Sludge, Dark Mirror, or Twilight Vapor, depending on its various forms.

Elf says the Quantum Shadow could be used for different things. Wizards could use it for alchemy, fight it, befriend it, or even smoke it. He says there will be much more to read about it on the new Lore website.

The Book of Lore
The Book of Lore

On-Chain-ness of the Book of Lore

Then, Dotta speaks about the on-chain-ness of the Book of Lore. He speaks about how the bulk of the Lore (images and stories) is on IPFS which isn't technically "on-chain." There is a pointer to IPFS that is stored on-chain. He says this is documented

Dotta says the idea of the Book of Lore is actually to build a decentralized protocol—meaning the Book of Lore isn't controlled by Magic Machine, but instead by the smart contract and ownership of Forgotten Runes tokens. He muses about different scaled options for storing Lore.

While he says he thinks there should be an offering for truly on-chain (ETH/BTC) Lore for advanced users, he thinks that use of the phrase "on-chain lore" is more of a shorthand. He notes IPFS storage for Lore is more decentralized than the gasless database managed by the team.

Wizards' Knowledge of NFT Origins

Then, Elf speaks about the Wizards' knowledge that they are "living a digital existence" or rather began as NFTs on the blockchain. He says they are unaware of any change that occurred after the Singularity.

Acideater's HOWDAO Updates

House of Wizards DAO Logo
House of Wizards DAO Logo

Acideater joins the stage to speak about the minutes from the most recent DAO meeting.

  • She notes the Notion page has been updated to include the council's charter and special council proposal page.
  • The vote to lower the quorum requirement for proposals requesting $25k+ passed.
  • Acid notes that there are five new proposals that will be voted on this month.
  • She mentions that the DAO is still waiting on legal for reimbursements for Magic Machine.
  • There has also been internal discussion in the DAO around stabling some of the treasury's coins.

Cult Content Chronicle

The show wraps up with a review of the 61st week of Tania del Rio's Cult Content Chronicle—a weekly aggregation of art from within the Forgotten Runes community.