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Sharkchild, also known as Enchanter Orbus of the Road (8664), is a notable community member of Forgotten Runes.

Sharkchild has been part of the community since the start of the project. He is known as an active member of the Sales chat, a proponent of max affinity Wizards, a collector of 3-trait Djinn Wizards and Goblin Warriors, and the voice of the Head-ilu.pngSacred Key Master (777) in the Forgotten Runes TV trailer.

Sharkchild has also extensively developed the character of his Wizard,Head-eyebol.pngEnchanter Orbus of the Road (8664) through various art commissions and lore.

Social Media

Discord: Sharkchild#7960

Twitter: @EnchanterOrbus

Twitter: @Sharkchild

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