Sacred Key Master (777)

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Sacred Key Master (#777)
BodyRainbow Suit
PropKey of the 7th Realm
FamiliarAncient Sphinx
RuneRune of Infinity
[FM] [OS]

The Sacred Key Master holds the key to The Gate to the Seventh Realm.

"Behold my quantum style"

He is most famously known for his appearance in the Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult Trailer (2022) with the catch-phrase "Behold my quantum style". A coloring page of this moment appeared in the first Forgotten Runes comic book.

Behold My Quantum Style Keymaster Image.png


In the Trailer, the voice of the Sacred Key Master was performed by Sharkchild.


The Sacred Key Master has been featured on Forgotten Runes Merch such as T-shirts and stickers.