Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-03-23

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This infographic was released by Magic Machine circa March 2022 to communicate their Spring plans.

Magic Machine Provides an Update Infographic

This graphic gives a clear, high-level idea of what to expect from Magic Machine in Q2 2022 (side image on right). The team wanted to make it more visible, all the work that’s being done every day. And there are little previews in there too.

An example of 0xCosmo's previous work (an animation of Druid Crowley) that attracted the attention of Magic Machine.

Info on the Forgotten Beasts

The Forgotten Beasts will be released in seasons. The first “season” is seven Beasts, released in daily auctions starting on April 12 (starting price of 0) running 24 hours each. Similar approach to Nouns DAO. The theme for S1 is “beast spawn”, and hundreds of people can participate in this event, even if you don’t win a beast auction. There will be some form of tokens that a lot of people can acquire, for only the cost of gas. Every season will have a different theme and mechanic.

Comic Book Update

The wizard comic books are coming along. So far, 6-7 artists have been sourced to create different alternate covers for it. The alternate covers will be available as free NFT mints. A comic book publisher has been located that can get the comics into most indie comic book stores in North America and Europe. FRWC will also be present at San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con. Free physical comic books will be given away at those events.

Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild Update

The Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild collection size is currently planned at 15K, plus or minus 1K. Affinities will be present in Warriors. Some affinities shared with Wizards, and some new ones. If you hold a Wizard or a Soul NFT, that will qualify you to mint the Warriors and Runiverse land drops. However, more methods and details are still being worked out. And there will be nominations, a lottery, and possibly one other mechanic to give some free Warriors out too.

Pony Walk-Cycles Update

0xCosmo was brought on to help Elf with Pony walk cycles, and finished every single pony cycle in 3 days, even the six-legged pony. All the artwork is done, now it’s with engineering. Souls walk-cycles are also in progress, but will take a bit longer.

Elf participated in a Creatokia podcast, which released on April 11, 2022.

Additional Magic Machine Updates

  • Elf on the macroeconomic environment: “Building is our best defense.” He aims for FRWC to be an independent trailblazer, not a follower of NFT trends.
  • Bear Cave update: Nalgene is coming to the Bear Cave in person now. Some new die-cut stickers arrived, and are currently being distributed throughout west Los Angeles. Also, a wizard bumper sticker was spotted in the wild!
  • Production of the 2nd merch drop is still in progress, and the team is getting great design and fashion guidance from LachnessMonsta. There will be different types of apparel that people can order, including a high-end jacket, customizable with your wizard's name.
  • The TV show trailer is completely finished, and as mentioned in the infographic, it will debut on May 9th, shortly before the Warriors drop.
  • The 3D model studio making the 3D wizards has also been contracted to make 3D models for the Warriors as well. The plan is for Warriors to get all the same add-ons (models, walkcycles) as the wizards.
  • Runiverse land sale: All characters are being up-rezzed from the original art, and the artwork being developed is excellent, in Elf’s honest opinion. Progress continues, but making a quality game takes time. Land sale now forecasted for June, and game beta for July.
  • Wizard Events: A low-profile meetup is being organized for NFT LA next week, but most of the focus is on NFT NYC for something more substantive. More details TBA.
  • Elf will be doing a Twitter Spaces on Thursday at 12 PM PDT with Nameless NFT (Spaces wasn't recorded). And a Creatokia podcast on Monday at 9 AM PDT.
  • Responding to a question about an $APE token equivalent: None are planned. The Runiverse will contain mini-tokens to represent resources, but it’s supposed to enhance the fun, not designed to be a new job. And the NFTs themselves can be used for governance.

Community News

  • Some wizards are banding together for a “burn party” to collectively use some Sacred Flames within the next week. Hop into the #live-burn-chat channel in the FRWC Discord if interested in participating.
  • Many pieces of lore and cult shout-outs this week. Jeeves did a great job collecting the pieces the were featured in the Discord.

Lore Reading

Lore reading this week was from geebz.eth and a there was a new song from Lorepunk, please check out the recording for those.