Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-12-27

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After Elf and Dotta's introductions, Bearsnake joins mid-errand—he is out visiting comic shops in commemoration of Forgotten Runes Issue #1 finally landing in stores. The team takes a moment to relish the accomplished feat.

Memecoins & Avengers Analogs

Jitcy joins the conversation and the team talks about the recent memecoin mania on the Solana blockchain. Then, Elf mentions Forgotten Runes' nomination as the "Avengers of Web 3" by Cooltimes, and he gives his explanations for which Magic Machine members would be which Avenger.

Cult Questions

Wassail From the Forgotten Runes Athenaeum
Wassail From the Forgotten Runes Athenaeum

Holiday Treats

Elf then jumps into Cult questions, beginning with everyone's favorite holiday meal or cocktail. Elf says he likes eggnog and mashed potatoes. Dotta says he likes the sweets (and that he smoked a brisket). Bear says they had salmon and mashed potatoes with stuffing.

Foil Comics

Following that, Bearsnake is asked how to get a foil-cover Forgotten Runes comic book. He says he believes they're available from Midtown Comics or Forbidden Planet. He notes he isn't sure if they're stocked, and he has to double check, but says he will make a post about them. Bearsnake also notes that he has some foil editions of the Forgotten Runes comics at the Bear Cave, so the team may run some contests for those.

Athenaeum Items & Upcoming Warrior Event

Dotta then answers a question concerning the Athenaeum Items and the unannounced Warrior event in the works. He says they are planning for Q1 2024 for the event.

"It should involve some new art. The current plan is that it's deflationary, not inflationary."

Dotta says that holders of Items from the Advent Burn will also be able to use their items in the upcoming Warrior event along with Halloween Treat holders.

"Give us a few months."

In the Magic Machine Hopper

The Shadows
The Shadows

Dotta then recaps the projects Magic Machine has in "the hopper":

He says not to hold them to specific dates, but the team plans to start pushing these out in the next 3-4 months. Bearsnake mentions that the team have an announcement to make in January concerning the 3D Wizards and Souls and new places the Cult will be able to use them.

Elf's Favorite Advent Items

Elf also answers a question about his favorite Advent Item to create, responding Krampus Horn and Mari Lwyd. Elf remembers to tell the community that Athenaeum items that are being earned in Yuga's Legends of the Mara game will also be useful in the upcoming Warrior event.

Dotta's Advent B-Roll

Dotta mentions some of his "B-Roll" ideas for Advent Items:

  • Mistletoe Drone
  • Gigas Nutcracker
  • Ayahuasca
Battle For Goblin Town
Battle For Goblin Town

Least and Most Minted Advent Item

Ozzz asks Elf which Advent Items he thought would be the least and most minted. He said he thought the Krampus Horn, the Sun Wheel, and Mari Lwyd would be minted most with Candy Cane and Bottle of Mulled Wine minted least. Dotta notes the Wassail and the Fruitcake are rarest.

On-Chain Lore

In response to a question about adding Lore directly to Ethereum, Dotta mentions new Ethereum Improvement Proposals that might make it less expensive to post Lore on ETH rather than IPFS. He says he thinks the catch is that there may be new purging conditions. Overall, Dotta says that it should be possible to post Lore directly to Ethereum, they will consider adding it, and that it would effectively be Inscriptions on ETH. He says he isn't sure how much it would cost.

Year of the Wizard

Magic Machine Squad
Magic Machine Squad

Elf says he believes that 2024 is going the be the year of the Wizard, noting that 2023 was the year of building. He says he thinks that they will be able to show the fruits of their labor soon. Dotta speaks to his sentiment that there won't be a large NFT / PFP meta, but he thinks there will be an expectation for projects to ship something of substance. He illustrates that Forgotten Runes niche is somewhere in between gaming and IP.

Dotta Speaks On the Market

Dotta speaks to the Cult about approaching the market and offers the advice to stay flexible.

He says:

"The market will surprise you with its ridiculousness...you can find that after things have had time to bake, actually, sometimes it ends up being really clever."

Dotta says he believes that there are chains that will redefine what is possible to do on-chain this year. He urges listeners to keep an open mind about where they would like to participate. Dotta says the past few months have not been a bull, but barely a "calf". Even so, he says the amount of simultaneous metas has been "dazzling." He says he feels like a year or two ago there would be a new meta every month, but now there is a new meta on every major chain.

Dotta says the only way to tackle FOMO is to find a group of people that you don't mind trading with. He says for him, that has been the Wizards' Alpha chat.

Elf and Dotta then share their own lists of shout outs for people who are building in the community to round out the last show of the year, and they give thanks to the community at large.

Cult Content & "Dotta's Alpha For the Week"

As the show ends, the team reviews the Cult Content chronicleart from within the Forgotten Runes community aggregated every week by Tania del Rio.

To close, Dotta's "Alpha For the Week" is that he suggests community members should research current DeFi events on Bitcoin.