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The Shadow Hats are a collection of sub1k Ordinals inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain by Magic Machine.

Not much is known about this mysterious collection, though the secrets of the Quantum Shadow now appear to echo in the depth of the digital cave.

Namely, Elf and Dotta forged the trail to put these new Runes on an old Door. The two have attributed inspiration for the collection to none other than Satoshi Nakamoto.

The metadata for the inscriptions can be found here.

Shadow Goat

Shadow Stag

Shadow Dream

Shadow Arcanist

Shadow Devil

Shadow Bear

Shadow Dotta

Shadow Witch

Shadow Wiz

Shadow Illuminatus

The Shadow Hats Collection on Bitcoin
The Shadow Hats, Inscriptions 957-964, 966, 967 with metadata inscribed as #969

Shadow Hat Bios

  • #962 Shadow Goat: The de facto head of the organization, a black hat wizard who has fully submitted to the Eternal Abyss.
  • #961 Shadow Bear: The largest and strongest of the Shadow Hats, known for opening portals between worlds.
  • #963 Shadow Dotta: A shadowy puppet so fond of darkness that he wears shades.
  • #967 Shadow Wiz: The quintessential black hat wizard with total mastery of all Dark Arts.
  • #964 Shadow Witch: She casts her shadow across the mortal plane, the most cunning and beautiful in all of cosmic darkness.
  • #959 Shadow Arcanist: A shadow hat wizard who specializes in Black Hermeticism.
  • #960 Shadow Devil: He became a dark wizard of devastating power through a deal with Mephistopheles.
  • #958 Shadow Dream: Specializing in the Nightmare Arts, this shadow hat is the terror of slumber.
  • #957 Shadow Stag: A shadow who presides over the Thorn and all darkened forests, protecting them from Holy Light.
  • #966 Shadow Illuminatus: The most opaque of the shadow hats, he is suspected to lead other dark organizations across the Runiverse…