Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-12-22

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Magic Machine released an animation preview of a black goat running towards the Quantum Shadow. The "payoff" for what happens will be revealed with the actual trailer.

Welcome to Wizmas!

Elf opened the Wizard Wednesday with a specially adapted Forgotten Runes holiday poem. Elf noted that merch boxes have started going out to the Cult. He hadn't seen them in person before, and was very impressed. There will be more merch coming out in the future as well.

At the end of the hour, in response to a question, Dotta mentioned the QR codes that were included in the merch box. On Christmas Eve, you will be able to redeem the codes on the website for "something nice." Lore writers will also get to participate, although the snapshot for lore has already been taken. Dotta assured everyone that there won't be a time limit to redeem the code for the reward, so no worries about trying to make time to participate during the holiday celebrations.

An altered Book of Lore cover accompanied the announcement of the Forgotten Lewds website, and alternative front-end built to display NSFW Book of Lore content. (December 2021)

Magic Machine Updates

  • TV helped create the Forgotten Lewds alternative website for NSFW entries to the Book of Lore.
  • A new preview of an animated running goat was released as a preview of the TV trailer. Elf discussed his views about why he doesn't like to view movie trailers, because they give away too much and are essentially spoiler vehicles. So Elf only wants to show "setup images"; he wants to save the payoffs for the actual trailer release.
  • Elf and Dotta talked with a prominent journalist. They felt that the journalist didn't quite grasp the essential points of the projects, and NFTs/crypto in general. Elf said that it's their job to educate about these topics, and they will continue to work on refining their message to be more easily understandable.
  • Comic book Issue #0 writing is ongoing. Magic Machine has created a directory of Wizard lore to help the comic book writer find Wizards to include in the comic book. The idea is for community-owned Wizards to appear in other promotional materials as well.
  • Elf has been working on "master lore" documentation to help their partners from the animation and game studios to do their work. Elf now has the entire world map drawn, as well as the lore behind why it looks that way. He is also writing lore behind the various Wizard traits.
  • Wizard familiar walkcycles are currently in progress. Souls walkcycles will come later.
  • Dotta first mentioned Josh the blind horse, a neighbor's steed that Dotta helps take care of.
  • Molly finished a Wizard lore animated video, and it will be uploaded to Youtube soon.

Community News

  • TheOneWhoRings released an image of someone wearing a Magus Wazir hoodie. There was speculation about whether the person is them, or just someone who knows them...
  • There were several notable Wizard burns that happened in the past week, including legendary Soul, the Lich Emperor, which was performed by TV.
  • Elf shouted out hyaliko, which displayed 2D wizard sprites in a 3D world.

Lore Readings

An unnamed model presents a custom Magus Wazir hoodie. At the time, there was speculation about whether this was TheOneWhoRings, or one of their associates.

There were multiple lore readings this week:

  • Nosferatu came up in person to read his own lore, about a first contact with another Wizard after a millenia. Elf and Dotta commented how they love the path that the character has taken, and the background/significance of the character.
  • Malevolent read lore about Sorcerer Aldus of the Morning Star (6491).
  • Lorepunk sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Wizmas," an adaption of a well-known Christmas tune. Previously, lorepunk has mainly read her poems, but this was the first song. The reception to her song eventually led to original compositions...
  • Dr. Poplovski / Solopop came up, and had hired a voice actor to record a reading of a poem promoting the Milk Guild. Pop's connection cut out part-way, but Dotta helped play the full recording at the end of the WW.
  • Ozzz read lore about his Wizard, Sorcerer Azahl of the Mount (1498)