Magus Wazir of the Mount (6287)

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Magus Wazir of the Mount (#6287)
HeadDream Master
BodyShoulder Cape Red
PropSiren's Bell
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Magus Wazir is an iconic Dream Master. He is almost always depicted wielding a Bell. Magus Wazir is currently owned by TheOneWhoRings.



Not much is known about Magus Wazir. Even less is known about his origin. By some accounts he was inhabiting the forests of the world long before the first trees were saplings. What is known (albeit impossible to verify) is that he is a helpful yet occasionally mischievous being and a guide to the lost.

His existence is especially hard to prove since he only appears to the lost. Arcane researchers have spent years wandering the world in search of him yet always turn up empty handed. The logic goes: If you are searching for something, you can't truly be lost, can you?

As such, field study of Magus Wazir has largely been abandoned with scholars preferring to collect first hand accounts from those who encounter him instead.

Magus Wazir appeared in the Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult Trailer (2022)


His bell is reported to have a calming effect. It is speculated he may be able to channel more destructive magic though it, though no stories support such claims.

Known Events

Two travelers, former Battlemage Cromwell and Sage Bartholomew, claim to have met Wazir while trekking through the woods adjacent to Dream Master Lake. The men were making the journey to the Blue Bastion when they decided to cut through the forest as a shortcut. Unsurprisingly to any who know of those woods, they quickly lost their way.

Low on supplies, things were looking dim for the two when suddenly came the chime of a bell. That's when, they claim, Wazir appeared like out of a dream to guide them to safety.

The validity of this story is still debated though what is not debatable is that both are highly respected men of repute, not apt to spin fables. Some believe their tale while others blame the Sage's love of pipeweed for the visions.

He is a little scamp