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The Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult "Dream Master" is a character head in the original 10,000 Wizard collection.

The Dream Masters (DM) have a token gated channel in the FRWC Discord (#dream-masters) where DMs organize and establish their Lore.

DMs have a shared document for collecting ideas, traits, context and stories that come directly from the DM in the book of lore.

Dream Master

The Origin of The Dream Master:

Legend has it…

  • There have always been DMs as long as there has been recorded history. There are tales of them being amongst the first inhabitants of the runiverse.
  • There are DMs in each realm! Each realm has a group of DMs that help protect the realm.
  • DMs have an old language that predates history but use common tongue to talk
  • Peaceful DMs don’t kill but there’s a really powerful rogue DM outside of DM who is a killer and exiled or some shit

The Characteristics of the Dream Master:


  • Dream Masters do not sleep
  • Intellectual, extremely logical, critical thinkers
  • Not very good at being hands on
  • Quiet observers