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Created by Dr. Poplovski

What is the Milk Guild?

The Milk Guild is built on the ethical principle of saving the Canaanites from extinction, but also on the economical incentive of toppling the 'Big Potion' industry, with the much more natural and sustainable magic milk. It is time to expose the corrupted roots of the 'Big Potion' industry and what its capitalistic nature has brought on the populace.

We, The People, say it's enough.

Not exclusive to Canaanites, we welcome anyone who wants to embark on this journey to destroy the resulting plutocracy that has scourged us. No more will we be forced to pay life-saving potions at 10x their worth in gold, or become potion guinea pigs as a last resort to poverty. Some even say that the Canaanite meat lobby has been founded by 'Big Potion' as a way to eradicate their competition.

Milk Guild runs various campaigns to strengthen their presence and spread the word against Big Potion

Milk Guild History

Milk Guild Protest

The Milk Guild collaborated to perform a protest in front of the Big Potion HQ building, primarily because of the way that company performed unethical tests on captive Canaanites. The Protest eventually erupted in violence, and figured into the events of the Big Potion HQ Heist, which was happening at the same time.

Current Members