Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-12-07

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Some Forgotten Runes community members met up with Elf and Bearsnake at the Goblintown party during Miami Art Basil. (December 2022)

We opened the week with some more discussions about Wizards meeting up in Miami! Samikitty came up and provided an intro by talking about the experience - it was her first time talking live on WW! Elf asked Sami to describe her experience talking about the Cult to her best friend. To summarize, her friend was mystified by many aspects of Forgotten Runes. And she had no words when she found out Sami was going the Goblintown Miami rave with Wizards.

Next, Elf highlighted that The Battle for Goblintown has it’s own Twitter account now, and was also present in the Spaces! Goblintown briefly unmuted to give a hearty “screeeeeee!” (There will be more on this later.)

Community Q&A

  • Will there be necroponies for Christmas? No, but there will be a Wizmas event! It’s in the works - it is just for fun, and doesn’t involve tokens.
  • Can Bearsnake rant about what he’s excited about? No, he has to stay mum for now. But there are several projects and collabs coming up that merit excitement, in his opinion.
  • Magic Machine opened a dedicated Twitter account for the Battle of Goblintown. This "animated neon sign" was used to announce the account and the game to the wider public. (December 2022)
    Have the Cult leaders done ayahuasca? All of them said they hadn’t done it. However, LachnessMonsta said that she tried it. During her trip, she saw a crimson dragon that came face to face with her, and then she went inside its eye and saw symbols including the Eye of Horus. Afterward, she saw the Eye of Horus everywhere, including a bookstore with banned books in LA, where she got a tarot book.
  • Cosmic asked: Why are Wizards so fun to party with? Elf said it is because Bearsnake is a great “party leader”.
  • Any holiday merch planned? No, but there WILL be a holiday card. Soon, you can submit your mailing address anonymously and get a card from Magic Machine! Bearsnake added that there will be more merch in the future - although the Goblintown game is taking up a lot of the team’s time, after that there should be more items made available.
  • FMK: Felis, kobold, imp? (from qeshmar) Dotta and Bearsnake declined to answer, but Elf said: F the imp, M the Felis, K the Kobold…
  • Warrior Walk-cycles: Elf confirmed that they are done, but some are still buggy. So please consider this the “V1”. If your Warrior’s walk-cycle is messed up, please DM Lachness, Jitcy, or Nalgene, and they will open a ticket to have it resolved.

The Cult Talks about Goblins and the Battle for Goblintown

Next, EntropyEQ_ of Goblintown came up and thanked the Wizards that came to the Goblintown party in Miami. Entropy was able to meet several Wizzies during the event. Bearsnake suggested a new collaborative catch phrase, “to scree or to pee”. Entropy also complimented the Wizard party at NFT NYC. MehsterBrown came up and mentioned that “goblin mode” was the word of the year! (via half-completed knock-knock joke).

One of the earliest posts from the Battle for Goblintown Twitter account gave an overview (with accompanying illustration) of what visitors to Goblintown might expect. (December 2022)

Ok, time for more updates about the Battle for Goblintown! The BfGT Twitter account will embody the degen nature of Goblintown, just like the river that flows through Goblintown will mirror the jagged movements of the market. This account is an experiment, and it will have a different tone, vibe, and strategy from the primary Forgotten Runes Twitter. It’s intended as a stepping stone for degens who just wanna degen. And to a wider extent, the game itself is also targeted to that audience. Dotta mentioned that a new Discord will probably be started for The Battle for Goblintown as well, and that it will likely also have a different flavor from the main FRWC server.

Dotta recapped the game concepts - they've been previously summarized here. Additional tidbits about gameplay: You can spend in-game resources for soldiers, but your Wizards and Warriors can also lead bands of soldiers, and will give them extra benefits. Ponies can help with faster movement of troops, so they are not left out.

Other projects will be brought in to join in the fun. It’s intended to be competitive for non-FRWC holders also. Outside partner collection holders (especially those who participated in the Trick or Treat event) will get an airdrop of in-game resource tokens. Warriors, Wizards, and Souls holders will get larger airdrops of in-game tokens. The drop will be per-NFT, so you benefit more if you hold more FRWC characters. However, the game is designed to reward active players with good strategies, so it will matter more how you play the game after the initial resources are allocated. So even a partner holder with a small airdrop could possibly win it all.

At this point, Orbus made a bestial scree (or he possibly asked one of his many goblins to participate). He did it again upon request.

Lore Drop: White Hat Wizards

When we reflect white light through a prism, it is made up of all the colors the eye can see. Together, they form a single beam of holy achromatic light. The reduction of everything to one thing. Simple, minimalistic order. White hats ponder the universe and reduce it to a singular Rune. The other color hats are seeking power, knowledge, or pleasure, among other things, but the white hats are sitting in their tower, quietly meditating through all of it. These acetic sages rarely emerge - their magic is subtle, quiet, and rarely seen. People don’t know if they are hiding their power level, or just have no power at all.

White Hats are not easily categorized into good & evil. Nietzsche's Zarathustra is an example. A more modern example is Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen, who is fairly detached from humanity. Pai Mei from Kill Bill and Master Splinter from the Ninja Turtles are some others. Order, acetic minimalism, and hidden power level are their key qualities.

New Segment Idea: "Dotta's DeFi"

Next, Dotta proposed a new “extra segment” for Wizard Wednesday - “Dotta’s DeFi”. He would discuss things like NFTX, DeFi/NFT-based loans, and similar topics, as time allows during Wizard Wednesdays. You can react in the Discord to let him know if you’re interested.

The Wizard Nouns Twitter account posted this first look at the Wizard Nouns appearing in the Webb3 2D metaverse, alongside some of the traditional Wizard sprites. (December 2022)

Cult Content Shout-Outs

House of Wizards DAO Update

Dotta thanked all the Council members for their work so far. They have been meeting every single week for a year with each other, lawyers, board members, & creating many meeting & procedural docs. Formal paperwork is expected during Jan.