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Sharon (aka 0xSharon) is a notable community member of Forgotten Runes. She is best known as the creator of Litho's Bedtime Stories, starring Litho the frog and his wizard Enchanter Galatea of the Heath #3764. Honorary warrior #15515 Kathleen Protector of the Woodlands. Listed below are canon for other FRWC characters Sharon writes about.


Canon for Enchanter Daphne of the Forest #85

She is the curator of the book of ancient magic. This book can help people from the past, present, and future.

She lives in a cottage built into the side of a hill on the westside of the Emerald Forest. The front of the cottage is made out of logs and the roof is dirt covered in dark green moss. This cottage is not easily found in the Emerald Forest.

Daphne has a familiar which is a great horned owl named Lily.

Daphne cannot be found unless Lily wants her to be found. Lily is very protective of her and has been with her since Daphne was a teenager.

Her age is not known. Some think she is from the ancient past. Some think she is from the future.

Daphne is a little bit eccentric or some call her crazy.

She got this way after her husband Ian died and Daphne stole the book of magic from the blue wizard Hydromancer Soran of the Psychic Leap #5564.

She tried to use a spell in the book to bring her husband back but she used the wrong ingredients and the spell affected her brain and emotions.

She has a large scar down her left cheek on her face that she covers with her long blonde hair.

Daphne wears purple snapdragon flowers in her hair. These flowers are extremely rare and are used in a few very powerful spells.

If you are lucky enough to get a meeting with her doesn’t mean she’ll let you see the spell you need or want.

You have to get her to trust you in order to get a spell.  How anyone does that is a mystery.

Canon for Shaded Spectre Lucinda of the Spike #1847

Lucinda was born wild in the Emerald Forest. She grew up to be even more wild and carefree.

She traded with the Elves and they gave her the Elven cloak. She traded with the fairies who made her dancing shoes with bells on top.

Lucinda had a pet lucky bat that she liked to sing with.

She was dancing and singing by the campfire when she fell into the flames and became a soul.

Her bat tried to save her but was burned too and also became a soul.

If you summon her you sing out her name. Lu Lu Lucinda with high notes and then Lu Lu Lucinda with low notes.

If she hears you she will sing back in her deep bewitching voice-

“You called my name, to play the game Put down your sacrifice. Maybe you’ll win a prize

Say my name again if you want to join in."

Lucinda then will perform some kind of magic that you need to figure out. If you do you will win a prize and if you don’t she keeps whatever you set down.

Many wizards and warriors are afraid of her except Galatea of the Heath and her pet frog Litho are not afraid because they became friends.

Lucinda likes to visit the Forgotten Baby Wizard Orphanage and scare and or play tricks on the young wizards.

Lucinda has a crush on wizard Alchemist Zane of the Plains #9311 and hangs out in the Emerald Forest only because that is where Zane lives.

Canon for Enchanter Galatea of the Heath #3764 and her bullfrog Litho (Lithobates)

  • Female
  • Does not torture
  • Does not kill unless in defense of self or others
  • Does not smoke or use tobacco products
  • Does not sell/distribute illegal drugs
  • Does not abuse alcohol
  • Does not have sex before the age of 16, does nor have sex with anyone below the age of 16
  • Galatea's dad is Bromley.
  • Galatea's mom is Nurgada.
  • Other relatives are Aunt Annabel and Uncle Edward and a cousin warrior Kathleen of the Woodlands #15515
  • #5564 Hydromancer Soran of the Psychic Leap is her uncle.
  • Bromley and Edward are brothers
  • Bromley, Edward, and Annabel are Brown Hats
  • #3764 Galatea of the Heath's parents Bromley and Nurgada
    Enchanter Galatea of the Heath's mom is Nurgada. Nurgada is a green hat
  • Uncle Soran is a blue hat
  • Galatea of the Heath's grandma is Maggie (Margaret) who was a huntress
  • Galatea of the Heath's grandpa is Cosmic Mage Solomon of the Road #2942 and he was a green hat
  • Galatea has a rune of air she wears on a necklace around her neck.
  • She found Litho after her mom’s funeral and brought him home to leave in her mom’s garden
  • Galatea and Litho are on the run after the person who killed her mom is searching for them.
  • Galatea and Litho share stories called "Bedtime stories with Galatea and Litho"
  • Enchanter Galatea of the Heath's grandpa is #2942 Cosmic Mage Solomon of the Road.

Canon for Lithobates

Litho found Galatea wandering through the heath as he was being chase by a blue heron

His full name is Lithobates

He didn't get his human voice until Galatea activated an old ancient spell

Litho and Galatea are on the run from the person who killed Galatea's mom, Nurgada.

Litho likes to burp, spit, sing and dance.

He gets his feelings hurt easily.

He loves Galatea and would do anything for her.

His favorite food are green dragon headed caterpillars.

Canon for Enchanter Carly of the Surf #7978

Carly is a red hat empress pirate who is the leader of a gang of pirates called The Ritz.

She likes to steal expensive items including jewelry, coins, art work, and exotic pets.

Carly and The Ritz are famous for their elaborate schemes to rob people.

Carly is also known for her charming charisma which fools people into thinking it was their idea to give items to her.

Carly likes the finest foods and drinks.

Carly likes to be the center of attention and can command a room by walking into it.

She is an expert of the spell of Kelpie’s fury and uses it to obtain what she wants.

She has a pet sun cat named Mineral.  Mineral is a trained thief too.

Canon for Enchanter Sonja of the Astral Plane #7978

Enchanter Sonja part of the dark sister order. This is a secretive group that preforms dark magic.

Enchanter Sonja of the Astral Plane #7978 has a blue river rat. This blue river rat named Blitz grew up on the banks of the Chunky River that runs through the Emerald Forest.

Cosmic Mage Solomon of the Road #2942

Solomon is Enchanter Galatea of the Heath's grandpa.

Galatea of the Heath calls Solomon Papa.

Solomon's daughter is Nurgada. Nurgada is #3764 Enchanter Galatea of the Heath's mom.

Solomon's son is Hydromancer Soran of the Psychic Leap #5564.

Solomon is married to Margaret (Grandma Maggie) Grandma Maggie is a huntress like Enchanter Galatea of the Heath.

Hedge Wizard Casper of the Garden #9078


Canon for Blake Sword of the Summit #3604

Blake is a legend to the pirates along the coast. She uses her beauty as a way to get what she wants. She can swing that sword faster than you can say "Argh" and send you straight to the underworld. She lost her eye fighting over a rare yellow diamond in her headband. Her blue razorback named, Kisses, helps her fight. He got his name because he throws you a kiss before he bites a chunk out of you.

Canon for Sharon Scissors of Kobolds #13026

Sharon was raised by her dad Edward. They lived alone on an Oasis. He raised her to be kind and caring to all no matter how they look. The Oasis is often attacked by Goblins and Sharon is an expert swordswoman. Her pet is a golden jaguar named Orbit. Orbit got his name because he will stalk his prey in a circle before an attack.

Canon for Chara Impaler of the Beasts #10762

Chara was found working for poachers. Kathleen convinced her to join and train with Jadeites. Chara has a tattoo on her left arm and has taken the oath to protect the Brown Hats. Chara's specialty is the ability to sense when something good or evil is about to happen. When she talks people should listen.

Canon for Jules Killer of the Street #4062

Kathleen found Jules living alone on the streets with her pet Wolverine named Wolf. Kathleen taught her how to fight and protect the woodlands. Jules is part of the female group called the Jadeites. She has a tattoo on her left arm. She has taken the sacred Brown Hat oath for life. Jules' specialty is the ability to know when someone is lying.

Canon for Sharla Dissector of the Citadel #4787

Sharla was the lead singer in a punk band for years until the group broke up. She didn't know what to do with her life so she took warrior training. One day she stopped by a yoga studio which was having a baby goat yoga class. Little Carl couldn't stop sitting on top of her and cuddling. She adopted him. Together they are hired to fight against whoever needs them. Sharla wanders around the Runiverse. Carl is always at her side.

Canon for Serena Bloodletter of the Tower #7774

Serena is a Jadeite and has the same tattoo on her arm as the rest of the gals. Kathleen found Serena in the back of a kitchen chopping vegetables and living in a backroom with a baby pig. She took her in and taught her how to be a warrior. Serena is never without her knife or her pet pig named Dirt. Serena has studied the art of herb growing and cooks the most delicious food for the Jadeites.

Wizard Pony

Canon for Styx the Efficacious

Styx is always happy and likes to dance to music.

Styx is sociable and likes to hang out with the other ponies at the BlackSand stables.

She likes to run as fast as she can and enjoys running in the BlackSand pony races.

Styx has many fans who like to cheer for her. Her fans show up wearing purple party hats and shout "Believe" when she runs. Hearing them makes her run faster.

Her close friend and mentor is the pony Queeny The Extraordinary owned by Mala. Queeny is the champion of The Ether Cup Championship.

Styx won one week #5 of The Ether Cup Championship tournament.

Styx placed 3rd in The Ether Cup Championship in 2023.

She currently mentors her Mecha pony friends including Algorithm Mare and Radioactive Bridle..

Her favorite food is apples.

She likes hanging out at the BlackSand beach and can be found walking in shallow water.

Mecha Ponies

Canon for Radioactive Bridle

Radioactive Bridle is a fashionista. She has designer hats and paints her hoofs to match her outfits.

Radioactive loves to Run and is now a Grand Tour Champion.


#15515 Warrior Kathleen's Speckled Falcon, Kez.

Canon for the Spectacled Falcon Kez, the familiar to Honorary Warrior Kathleen Protector of the Woods (#15515)

Speckled falcon birds are extremely rare. A few have been captured to use for falconry and belong to wealthy families.

Kez was captured by poachers and was on his way to be sold to Red Hat Empress Carly of the Surf (#9578). Kathleen rescued him outside the Dark Horse Tavern in the village of Almanac.  This village is at the southern edge of the Emerald Forest.

Kez was hurt in the rescue and Kathleen took care of him.

Kez was found wearing a falcon hood. This hood is brown and on the top there are three beads stacked and sitting on top of a silver base. Short bright red feathers protrude out of the beads. Around the edges of the hood are miniature carvings of different kinds of stars.

Speckled falcons centuries ago were given the ability to communicate with their owners through dreams. They were labeled night talkers.

Kez talks to Kathleen in her sleep and helps her solve problems or issues she is having.

Kez will often suggest other points of view for Kathleen to think about.

When dreaming, if Kathleen wants his advice she needs to listen to all of it. If she doesn't he will keep repeating his thoughts each night until she does.

If Kathleen doesn’t have a night talk visit from Kez then her problem is only her worrying and nothing more.

Kez can give her strength if Kathleen is mentally exhausted.

Kez can reach speeds of 242 miles per hour.