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The Forgotten Council is a group of Wizards holding keys to the community multisig wallet.


( Taken from The Forgotten Council's introductory post ) [1]

  • Act as the community’s representatives to enrich the Runiverse and nurture our Cult. Act as a liaison between the community and Magic Machine. Meeting notes will be published weekly, and there will be a chat channel available for all of your questions, comments, thoughts and feedback.
  • The Forgotten Council multisig will hold the community’s funds and execute actions on behalf of the community for spending below 2 ETH. For anything larger, the Council will put forth proposals to be voted on by the House. It’s the Council’s job to listen to the community on which proposals get put forth.
  • Allocate collected funds to the Ministries, who spend money on behalf of Wizard holders to enhance the community. Its functions may include commissioning art, lore, hosting events, and supporting developers.
  • EVENTUALLY - to moderate The Book of Lore
    • The ability to Strike Lore from the Book
    • The ability to add new tokens to the Book (Ponies, Beasts, Warriors)

Council Members


The Forgotten Council - Introduction