Retired Yield Farmer

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Retired Yield Farmer's (RYF) burning of warriors was recognized by the Magic Machine on their collection website (circa July 2022).

Retired Yield Farmer (RYF) is a notable community member in the Forgotten Runes community.

RYF is best known for participation in two areas:

  1. Sales chat participation and architect of legendary Wizard "sweeps" and prominent purchases.
  2. Architect of numerous high quality commissions of said wizards and warriors (the most visible of which is a series of teasers for what appears to be a comic book).

RYF also caused a stir by being the first known person to perform a "warrior burn" (sending warrior tokens to a burn address). This was done as punishment for the effect the Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild collection had on the original Wizards price floor.

RYF currently holds a seat in the Forgotten Council and Ministry of Art within the House of Wizards DAO.