Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-03-08

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Elf launches right into the meeting by asking if the Cult has seen the 3D Souls models. Dotta compliments Elf's knack for marrying comedy with darkness, which is evident in the new models. Elf also notes that he currently has ~30% of all Souls heads done.

Lich Head 3D Model
Lich Head 3D Model

3D Souls & More 3D Model News

Disgusting Revenant 3D Model
Disgusting Revenant 3D Model

The team verifies all of the Wizards have now been modeled. The rigging is mostly done. Then all that is left before release is texturing, which Elf states doesn't take long. Dotta thanks the 3D Team, and mentions Molly and Frogeater's efforts along with Elf's work. Elf also thanks Magus Wazir for his work on the site to access the 3D rigs. Dotta adds thanks for Blender-associated scripting for the models. LaChness also gets a shoutout for beginning to learn Blender to work with the new models.

Additionally, Elf speaks to the surfacing 3D meta and that it seems perfect for the rigs' timing. He then asks for opinions on token-gating access to the Wizards' owners versus making all of the models universally accessible. Dotta immediately replies they should be 100% open for all.

In a bout of Quantum Synchronicity, Madotsuki joins momentarily to mention Nifty League is also now working on 3D implementation, perfectly illustrating Elf's prior point.

Bearsnake expresses excitement for the models and says even more things in the future will include them.

The team also talks about LaChness and Wazir's use of 3D models in the Forgotten Runes TikTok. Elf notes that he doesn't know much about the platform itself, but he says that it seems that the type of content the two are creating aligns with his notions about content TikTok users enjoy.

The Selling of Wizard Puma & Cult Questions

Elf's Wizard Puma 1/1 from athletic brand Puma's "Super Puma" collection sold and has led to a new member joining the Cult.

Positivity In the Runiverse

Then, Elf launches into Cult Questions, beginning with a question about why Forgotten Runes characters only reflect positive aspects of the real world. Elf responds that he has seen some evil and darkness in the Runiverse, but agrees that, for the most part, it is overwhelmingly positive. He says that the world is being built by the Cult, so he can only assume the reflection that they see is a positive one.

Wild Mage Lumos of the Hollow
Wild Mage Lumos of the Hollow

Magic Machine's Personal Lore

Elf is asked if he is working on any personal lore. He responds that he has been working on lore, but it's all in his head. He says he understands this is "the lamest answer ever, but it's true." Dotta jokes about his identity crisis in not having say in the Dotta Wizard lore. He says that he has thought through lore about other Wizards that he owns and should probably write it down to set a good example. He specifically mentions Wild Mage Lumos of the Hollow.

Bear also notes that he has three different stories in different phases, but is still figuring out how to weave friends and other Cult members into the stories. However, he wants to establish them as their own characters first.

TV Show Status and Deal Terms

The team is then asked about the status of the TV show. Bearsnake says,

"We have interest from some of the biggest studios in the world that make some of the most successful television and films."

He emphasizes rarity of incoming interest from traditional media studios just by word of mouth. Bear notes that these companies traditionally are "grabby" with IP rights. Along these lines, Dotta speaks to importance of finding the right deal terms:

"Forgotten Runes only wins if we all win."

Bearsnake and Elf note there was a more traditional deal on the table that limited the team's creative control over the show and IP, and they simply didn't take it because it wasn't the right deal for the Cult.

Who Trapped the Beasts?

Beast Constellation
Beast Constellation

Next, a question arises about the Wizards who trapped the Beasts behind the Gate to the Seventh Realm and if it was the chronomancers who trapped the Quantum Ouroboros. Elf doesn't want to reveal too much, as he says this is a storyline he is working on for the show script. However, he doesn't think the Ouroboros came from the Gate to the Seventh Realm, and mentioned Beast #0 first revealed itself on Times Square in NYC. Elf says he is unsure it has ever been trapped anywhere.

"How can you confine a Beast that manipulates space itself?"

Battle for Goblin Town

The conversation moves to a question about the artists behind the animations for Battle for Goblin Town. The team lauds Pixelshop's work on Goblin Town and Dotta specifically mentions their graciousness with his iterations of the UI design. Dotta also notes that he and Niski have an end-to-end pre-alpha demo of Battle for Goblin Town working on Arbitrum's testnet.

Canto Ravers

Canto Ravers
Canto Ravers

Johnny47Mnemonic gets onstage and asks Elf for his opinion on the Canto Ravers project. Elf says that he doesn't know much about the project and jokes that he's only a little annoyed that Acideater does his style better than he does.

International Women's Day

Sharon notes that it is International Women's Day and asks Elf if he has any plans to bring more women into the community. This leads Elf to shout out a number of wonderful women in the community and the excellent work they do, saying they outshine the rest even now.

Kids, Work, & Leading a Cult of Wizards

Dotta is asked what his children tell other kids about his work. He speaks about how Wizards are prevalent in their household, but doesn't think other kids really ask. However Bear and Dotta both agree it's generally best to deflect when other parents ask about their work.

Elf chimes in and says that while he doesn't have children himself, he has seen his nephews' growing interest in collecting and selling Pokémon cards and notes that collectible trading cards are the easiest explainable analogue for NFTs for non-crypto individuals.

10KTF Merch

Elf also asks about the 10KTF merch that has started to appear, but is saddened to learn that they Comfy Hoodie tokens are no longer redeemable. Abomb confirms they're no longer available and speaks in depth about the 10KTF ecosystem.

Illuminatus Head Lore & Cult Content Shout Outs


The discussion moves to the lore behind the Illuminatus head. Elf explains (to Bear's initial chagrin) that the origins emerged from the archetype of organizations that move within shadows to affect control on the world as we know it.

As expected, this sparked a lively dialogue, to which Elf states is the exact purpose of creative primitives.

"I can't really tell you what it means. The Eye of Providence is not here to answer questions. It is here as a conduit to the secrets behind secrets."

The show wraps up with Cult Content shout outs. Thanks to Tania del Rio, you can view an excellent selection of work from the community in her Cult Content Chronicle!