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Niski is an employee of Magic Machine, as well as a notable community member within Forgotten Runes. Starting in a volunteer capacity as a member of the Coding Guild, in August 2021 Niski was one of the architects of the smart contracts for the Book of Lore, and has contributed to its development (features such as lore for new collections, editing, and search) and maintenance since that time. Niski also developed the Book of Lore bot, which creates an entry in the Forgotten Runes community discord whenever there is a new BoL entry.

Later that year, Niski also assisted with contract development for the Great Wizard Burning event. In December 2021, Niski helped to develop a tool that allowed Pony-holders to view their Wizard riding their Pony.

In early 2022, Niski was confirmed as an employee of Magic Machine. That year, Niski provided guidance to TV regarding the deployment of the Forgotten Market. He was also involved in contract work for using Locks and Sacred Flames to forge rare Warrior weapons.

In October 2022, Niski was recognized for contributions to the Halloween Trick or Treat event. He was responsible for "95% of the smart contract work" and was shouted out by Dotta because it all worked the first time it was tested. It was also announced that Niski was involved in smart contract and API development for an upcoming FRWC P2E game.

Today, Niski is one of the mainstays of the developer team at Magic Machine.