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Members of the Coding Guild are members of the Cult with software development experience. The goal of this page is to collect useful resources in one place, to help creating new tools for the Runiverse.

Smart Contracts
Name Description Mainnet Address Goerli Address
ForgottenRunesWizardsCult ERC721 contract for the original wizard collection 0x521f9C7505005CFA19A8E5786a9c3c9c9F5e6f42 0xa1F374C4150e4e93d6E6c5353eCfd1C1Fc2E650F
BookOfLore A decentralized legendarium where token owners can record their lore 0x4218948D1Da133CF4B0758639a8C065Dbdccb2BB 0xb12fa0933366DFd75aBFFF6907f0d1f3f234f2bB
ForgottenRunesInfinityVeil ERC1155 contract where the Sacred Flames consumable was issued 0x31158181b4b91A423bfDC758fC3bf8735711f9C5
ForgottenSouls ERC721 contract where the minting works by burning a wizard and a flame 0x251b5F14A825C537ff788604eA1b58e49b70726f 0xB5E6d5EFC367F10c99c2493b0e4c406b1307023d
ElysianFields ERC721 contract for the Ponies, minting through codes distributed IRL 0xf55b615b479482440135ebf1b907fd4c37ed9420 0xAd95a905B3d934Ad9D6d9B1C1a39c607A467b3fc
GateToTheSeventhRealm ERC721 contract for the Locks 0xDa5cF3a42ebaCd2d8fcb53830b1025E01D37832D
GateToTheSeventhRealmMinter Contract which handled the minting of the Locks 0xb1F1738cFb459f08f2F2fCa8c5469Ded57Dbe4eD
ForgottenRunesBeasts ERC721 contract for the Beasts 0x8634C23D5794Ed177E9Ffd55b22fdB80A505ab7B
ForgottenRunesBeastsAuctionHouse Auction contract for the Beasts 0x1f0744C221cc98697D4De5596da3BE5E835dCB34
ForgottenRunesWarriorsGuild ERC721 contract for the Warriors 0x9690b63Eb85467BE5267A3603f770589Ab12Dc95 0x82a65e6d7b612ff2225Df4A68B661eB11d4BD6a5
ForgottenRunesComic ERC1155 contract for the Comic 0xB94C3fd0016888bAB09DBC229f9397294e828a54
ForgottenRunesBeastSpawner Contract which handled the minting of Beast Spawns 0x1f0744C221cc98697D4De5596da3BE5E835dCB34
ForgottenRunesBeastSpawn ERC721 contract for the Spawns 0x7de11a2d9E9727fa5eAd3094E40211C5e9cf5857
NightmareImpTreasureBox ERC721 contract for the Nightmare Imp's Treasure Boxes 0x59775fD5F266C216D7566eB216153aB8863C9c84
NightmareImpDoor Contract to interact with the Nightmare Imp's door and mint treats or tricks 0xd52c79d897a24c275729112c3c5ea813b5703f88

Dotta's PGP here:

To download all your wizards from on-chain calldata, do the following:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getTransactionByHash","params":["0x0b8eb29d7a592023b5330fd9a93299bca2a9604aaa2494c87333fc56da50ec9e"],"id":67}' | jq -r '.result.input' | cut -c 139- | xxd --plain --reverse | head -n 297 > decoder.ts

npm init -y

npm install ethers@5.0.26 yargs@16.1.0 chalk@4.1.0 ora@5.3.0 ts-node@9.0.0 typescript@4.0.5 bson@4.4.0 sharp@0.28.3 parse-numeric-range@1.2.0 mkdirp@1.0.4 @types/yargs @types/node

./node_modules/.bin/ts-node ./decoder.ts --wizards "0-9,13,123"