Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-12-13

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As the show winds up, Elf notes that Dotta won't be joining the show, but instead, Jitcy joins he and Bearsnake on stage. They deliberate about how this may be the first time Dotta has missed Wizard Wednesday. Then, Bearsnake gives an update on the Forgotten Runes Comic.

Forgotten Runes Comic Book Update

Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult Issue 1
Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult Issue 1

Bearsnake reiterates that the comic book industry is a mess as he announces Forgotten Runes Comic Issue #1 has again been delayed to Dec. 27 He notes that on the bright side, Issues #2 and #3 are now available for pre-order, and says these issue have some of his favorite covers.

Bearsnake also reminds that the comics come with a code for the Forgotten Runiverse game. Madotsuki notes that the code provides a mount and 3 rolls at the Font of Memories in the game, which was the same mechanic where players obtained land in the Eve of Memory demo.

Bearsnake says that he has a renewed energy for Forgotten Runes and is on a path to making sure everyone knows what Forgotten Runes is. He also teases that there's going to be some "really fun stuff happening in Goblin Town."

Cult Questions

TV Show Launch Date

Elf then launches into Cult Questions, the first of which is about the launch date for the television show. For this, Elf defers to Bear and asks if he can tease any news. Bear says we just have to be patient and they go through the Hollywood process.

The team speaks about the show Scavengers Reign with community member Entropy. Bearsnake points out that the Max show was animated by none other than Titmouse — the studio that animated the Forgotten Runes trailer. Entropy shares thoughts on the pilot

Warrior Event

Forgotten Runes Warrior
Forgotten Runes Warrior

Elf speaks to another question about a future Warrior Burn or Coliseum Event. He says to just know that Forgotten Runes Athenaeum Items — including those received from the Wizmas burn — will also play a role in this event.

Bearsnake then speaks to a second half of the question about inclusion of Athenaeum Items in Battle For Goblin Town. He says the tokens themselves will not be used; however, Bear reminds the community of the Goblin Town crate airdrop for Forgotten Runes holders.

Bear's Back

Bearsnake is asked how his back is doing, after his early departure to the doctor from a few Wizard Wednesdays past. Bearsnake says he's doing physical therapy 4 times a week and has a standing desk now.

Weather in Forgotten Runiverse MMO

Runiverse Landscapes
Runiverse Landscapes

Madotsuki answers a question about the weather cycles in the Forgotten Runiverse game. He says there aren't current weather cycles, but portions of the map with weather effects. He also speaks to the the demo's day/night cycle, stating it wasn't intended to change so quickly.

Time in the Runiverse

Elf speaks to a question about the movement of Time in the Runiverse, stating that Time moves rather regularly in the Runiverse, but he believes they're on a different timeline. He references the full lives the Pevensie children live in Narnia.

What Elf Would Take to and Bring Back From the Runiverse

Elf also answers a question about what he would take to and bring back from the Runiverse if he could. Elf says he would take an empty bottle and bring back a sample of Quantum Shadow inside of it.

Dream Master Wizbot V2, DeFi Farming, & Cute Wizards

FrogEater's Cute 3D Wizard
FrogEater's Cute 3D Wizard

After that, the team speaks about Magus Wazir's new v2 Dream Master AI Wizbot in the Forgotten Runes Discord. They say the outputs have improved and it's easier to use.


Elf then asks if anyone wants to talk about points for the Rainbow Wallet. They speak about how points seem to be a part of the new meta. He gives a shout out to Lorepunk, who wrote an article about Rainbow in NFTNow

Bearsnake then speaks briefly about learning about yield farming. Elf shouts out community member Solo Pop's tutorials in the Forgotten Runes Discord about DeFi farming. Elf asks Bear for more alpha on his ongoing projects, but Bear says it would be inappropriate.

FrogEater's Cute Wizard

Entropy asks about the cute 3D Wizard that FrogEater posted, and if it's "official Cult business" or just for fun. Elf says sometimes Frog just posts incredible work unexpectedly in the Discord. For now it's just for fun.

2024 For Forgotten Runes At A High Level

Then, Bear asks to speak about the high-level plan for 2024. He says he'll be vague while trying to say as many things as possible. He says the team wants to get more serious about how everything in Forgotten Runes interconnects and work harmoniously.

Elf says the community has been asking for more storytelling, but he always got hung up on the medium to best tell a canon story from Magic Machine. He says he thinks they found a way to do that. Every event will be tied to a single storyline that goes the entire year.

Elf says that he thinks everything that the team built during the bear market will make a big impact in 2024.

3D Metas

Evolution of the Wizard
Evolution of the Wizard

Entropy notes an experience with a recent Bored Elon Musk 3D event where he was able to choose from his Wizard characters by default.

Elf says that they are privy to some work that a few 3D metas are doing that he can't speak about, but he does praise the Nifty Island team and says they're working on something big, and Wizards will be deployed in it. The team speaks to the exponential vector of the metaverse.

Elf says people who spoke negatively about the concept of the metaverse hadn't allowed for much time compared to their expectations, but he thinks it will start to make waves in the new year.

Bear Meets With Old Partner & VR Conversation

Bearsnake speaks about a meeting he had with an old business partner who now runs partnerships at Meta's Oculus. He says it's totally in the realm to do something with Meta. Bear notes Wizards' first outing with Edison did better numbers than some things Meta partners with.

Elf says he thinks a resurgence of the metaverse is on the horizon. He also says that he really likes VR, but he thinks the killer VR app is still on the horizon as well. Bear reveals that Elf worked on a project for Google VR in the past.

Bearsnake says he respects that Meta focuses on tech that is years away from being ready for the broader market even though it isn't paying dividends in the short term. Madotsuki says he thinks the resurgence will come about with a product like the Apple Vision Pro.

Jitcy speaks about how he enjoys VR, but most gamers don't like the sensory deprivation of VR headsets. He also notes that current VR games skew toward casual gaming. While he loves the idea, he thinks it will be a while before we get there.

Cult Content

As the metaverse conversation winds down, Elf suggest covering week 47 of the Cult Content Chronicle — art and lore from the past week in the community of Forgotten Runes — compiled by Tania del Rio.