Goblin Town

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In the Runiverse

Goblin Town is located in the central eastern part of the known Runiverse. It lies on the easterly road out from Kobold's Crossroad and is west of the Quantum Shadow.

Upon entering Goblin Town, visitors are greeted with the word "Scree." This can be an insult or a friendly greeting, depending on the tone and context. A large city full of degenerates, crime rings, and illicit contraband. This town is run mostly by Goblins, but you will also find a fair share of Kobolds, Ghouls, Dark Arcanists, Evil Imps, stray Liches, and a smattering of unsavory characters here. But while this place is a hive of scum and villainy, you can still find rare acts of courage, virtue, and kindness. Goblin Town has its own bartering system, with items like chickens, slimes, kobold kool aid, and scree shards in high demand.

Goblin Town
Goblin Town

Forgotten Runiverse Game

Goblin Town is located at (x, y) in the game. To get there, head due southeast from the origin.

An On-Chain Board Game

Under the eye of Dotta and LaChness, an on-chain, Settlers of Catan-style board game will appear in the near future called Battle For Goblin Town.