Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-03-29

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Bussin Wise Sam
Bussin Wise Sam

The first topic to breach discussion is the new "bussin'" Wizard haircuts that have been spotted around Twitter. Elf asks what is going on with these, and Dotta attributes credit to community member letterj.

World Wide Webb

Then the topic briefly switches to the new PVP game from World Wide Webb. The team notes that both Wizards and Wizard Nouns are functional within the game. LaChness mentions that the highest Elo rank will have a chance to win a small World Wide Webb apartment. Elf praises the World Wide Webb team and says that he would rank them up with the Nifty Island 3D metaverse team.

Cult Questions

The Most Bussin' Wizard

After that, the discussion turns to Cult Questions as the team is asked who is the "most bussin'". It seems unanimous that the answer is that Nalgene is the most bussin'.

BearSax by Ozzz
BearSax by Ozzz

Where Was Bear?

Another question is asked about the lack of Bearsnake's presence at a party, to which he responds, "The Quantum Portal was down that day." (But he was likely just at GDC during the time of the event).

Lore of the Founders

The topic of lore from the founders resurfaces as they are asked which of them will be the first to write in the Book. Elf reiterates that he has lore written in his head. Bear says he has two paragraphs written. Elf also clarifies that he has already written lore for Wizard #0. Dotta springboards off of this sentiment and notes, "To be clear I did code the Book of Lore," and asks Bear for his excuse. He says he has a million other excuses but they're probably not as good as those.

Harper the Majestic
Harper the Majestic

Harper the Majestic

Madotsuki then jumps in to ask about lore for the Warrior "Harper the Majestic" because she has the name scheme of a Pony. The team notes that the Warrior is in the DottaVault. Dotta looks through notes and remembers the Warrior is a custom with traits selected by his daughter. Mado says that she has great taste, because Harper is one of his favorite Warriors in the collection. Elf also says he has "wanted that Warrior forever."

Battle For Goblin Town Updates

Dotta is then asked for an update on Battle For Goblin Town, to which he responds that he has brought two other people on to help push Goblin Town over the line, and he's feeling more confident about dropping the Goblin Crates. He says he doesn't have a specific date, but says that it's still a few weeks out. Bear says, "We have to battle test it internally," but also mentions he is ready for the game's release because he wants Dotta back instead of serious Coding Dotta. Dotta says his family agrees.

Maybe Disney

The founders are asked what corporation they would want to work with for the Wizards. The team isn't sure about the question, but Elf says, "Maybe Disney." Dotta says he wouldn't be mad if the Wizards TV show was on Disney+

Bear adds that Disney is "on the list." He says that the team wouldn't necessarily say no, and The Mouse drives a really hard deal. Elf then says he would probably want to work with Big Potion.

Runiverse Dungeon Sneak Peek
Runiverse Dungeon Sneak Peek

Runiverse Land Sale & Dungeons

The team also receives a question about the Land Sale and the Land price for the Forgotten Runiverse game. Dotta says he's not sure and doesn't have the pricing table in front of him and delegates the question to Mado, who says the date was pushed for more room for marketing and less overlap with Goblin Town. Madotsuki says the smallest settlements will likely cost around $500 USD, but the ETH price will be settled closer to mint. He talks about expectations for the upcoming whitepaper and about sneak peeks posted about Dungeons in the game. He says that interactive storylines will be incorporated in the Dungeons along with community-submitted stories. Internally, the mint experience has been finished, which he and Bearsnake both say looks really good.

Cabinet of Curiosities Mirror Shards

Cabinet of Curiosities Mirror Shards
Cabinet of Curiosities Mirror Shards

Vmark announces that the Cabinet of Curiosities' Treasure Trove still contains unclaimed Mirror Shards and the deadline to claim them is on Sunday April 2.

The Otherside

Elf and Dotta also talk about the recent trip to the Otherside. Dotta says that he has never played a video game with that many concurrent people playing, and also praises the art along with the live narration. Elf says not to forget that Forgotten Runes was one of the small handful of projects that was invited to the second trip. Bear notes that Wizards and Souls were 2 out of ~11 collections included. He says they are honored to be a part of the top-tier groups.

Unreal Fortnite Editor

Dotta also speaks about Fortnite's introduction of an Unreal Engine editor where players are able to add their own scenes, games, objects, and NPCs. He notes that Magus Wazir has already been working with the new editor to get the Secret Tower into Fortnite. Dotta mentions there is not an option to add skins yet. However, he then hypothesizes the possibility of an opt-in leasing option for Wizard skins in these kinds of games in the future.

3D Wizards & Souls Updates

Huntress Head 3D Texturing Progress
Huntress Head 3D Texturing Progress

On this note, Elf says the first wave of 3D Wizard rigs are so close to completion. The texturing is almost fully done, and the team is testing animations to make sure the rigging is all set. There is a new page on the official website in the works where holders can view their 3D models including animations and lore. He says that Magus Wazir has been working on this page night and day and has some more interesting ideas for it that might be implemented. Elf says that they are in a really good place and he's happy with the results. He also speaks about the Souls collections and says that the heads are 100% finished and the Souls bodies are about 50% complete. Elf mentions wanting the Beasts as 3D models, but speaks to the difficulties with most 3D metaverses that seem to want bipedal models, where there are quadrupedal Beasts in the collection.

Sales Bot

Elf speaks about the sales bot popping off and asks what's up with that? Bear says it's because Wizards are bussin'. On a serious note, Bear says he thinks it's due to slow, consistent, general awareness building. Dotta says it's easy to look and see that there are dead projects in the wake of the last year. He says people mostly like being a part of Forgotten Runes because it's more about Lore not Floor.

BlackSand Pony Races

Magus Devon and Lord Humphrey the Wise
Magus Devon and Lord Humphrey the Wise

Then, Legatus announces the results of the most recent BlackSand race was won by Magus Devon on the 1/1 ostrich mount, Lord Humphrey the Wise. Bear commends Legatus and what he has built with BlackSand and speaks about the joy of their in-person meeting. He also mentions looking at the Pony collection and noticing that there were so few listed, when Nalgene pointed out that it was due to the energy behind BlackSand.

The Rise of AI

Chemical Imbalance Rugs
Chemical Imbalance Rugs

After that, Elf turns the conversation to the pervasive rise of AI in art and coding. He says it seems like it's an artificial abyss that opens its jaws wider every day, and the only appropriate response is to walk right into it.

"Why does the human race need to bother with making art anymore?"

He believes humans will still continue to make art but is unsure how in the future we will know what is made by human and what is made by AI. Elf says the only answer he knows of right now for that question is blockchain. He speculates that these tokens and creative primitives may ironically be the last tether to humanity. He says when he sees not only digital ideas but physical art stemming from these creative primitives as well, he sees humanity shine. He mentions Chemical Imbalance's rugs and speculates that human, handmade artwork will have a renaissance, as it is AI-resistant for now.

3D Wizard Lore

Elf receives a questions about 3D Wizard lore and says,

"The Quantum Style Superposition is what allows these Wizards to exist in multiple dimensions at once. Everything, everywhere, all at once. When you wield this meta-meme magic...you find the wizard inside of you."

Creation, Articulation, & the Character Gallery Announcement

Dotta speaks about how being articulate is a superpower and an increasingly valuable skill. He notes the the role of the word in creation and likens it to the world spoken to being in the Christian Bible. He says he feels that AI has given a little bit of that power to us. Elf mentions this is why he put ABRACADABRA (I will create as I speak) on the first page of the Book of Lore. Dotta also announces the launch of the Character Gallery page and gives praise to Cosmo for the frontend work and Niski for backend help.

Cult Content

After the discussion, Elf talks about some Cult Content from the week:

Comic Book Publisher Update

The team pauses for a moment during Cult Content reviews to note that a comic publisher has been found and the agreement is being finalized.

Closing Comments

Last, Bear adds that a topic for next week should be GDC. He says that the headline is "every other booth at GDC was about blockchain and web3." He says it was apparent that regardless of how gamers feel, the idea of ownership of in-game assets is going to be a thing, 100%