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3D Wizard Models
3D Magic Machine Wizards]

All Forgotten Runes Wizards, Souls, and Warriors are all slated to have fully rigged metaverse ready 3D models created for each character in the collection. Starting with Wizards, models are available for download on the official website in a variety of file formats such as Blender, GLB, FBX, and VRM. All models have a variety of premade animations and poses that can be viewed directly in a web browser, without requiring any downloads or additional software.

According to the official blogpost they were designed as low poly not only for nostalgic aesthetic purposes, but for greater interoperability with many different platforms. They are fully rigged with bones for animation, and optimized to run on as many platforms as possible right out of the box. Concept art for these models were created by mollyismutz, and modeled by frogeater under the direction of ElfJTrul. These models compliment the 2D walkcycles for each character, allowing for their use in a variety of games as too many polygons perform poorly in game engines.

3d previews
headshot previews released via Twitter

3D Wizards

3D Magic Machine
Magic Machine in OnCyber launch party

On August 2nd, 2023 the 3D models for all 10k wizards were released to the public. Initially they were being modeled via commission, but after feeling dissatisfied with the results Magic Machine opted to create the models in-house.

To celebrate the launch, a special OnCyber Map was created for Wizards to play as their own characters during Wizard Wednesday was made. The room featured The Secret Tower in its center, along with easter eggs around the map such as a pool of Kobold Koolaid and a TV screen playing the animated trailer. The ground beneath each model has textures that correlate to the origin of the Wizard (ie. Alchemist Shivra of the Wood has a ground textured to look like woodlands). Additionally, all props and spells were also modeled, with some having unique animations.

Animated 3D spells

3D Souls

3D Warriors