Salt Kelpie

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Salt kelpie, Beast #4.

The Salt Kelpie is Beast #4 of the Forgotten Beasts (Season 1) and was summoned into the Runiverse on the 16th of April 09:20:33 PM UTC, block 14598750 of the Ethereum network.

Salt Kelpie was successfully auctioned for 70 eth (approximately USD 214,219.60) to blockomo.eth. The initial bid began at 0.01 eth. The bidding process took 23 hours and 58 minutes across 13 bids from block 14592253 to block 14598705 and involved 10 separate wallets. This auction was notable for a large +40.23 eth (approximately USD 123,115.06) jump in bids. See the Gate to the Seventh Realm (Implementation).