Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-11-08

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Before the introductions, Elf offers a pro-tip: "When in doubt, talk to Alberto." Then, Dotta and Bearsnake channel in along with Jitcy, Madotsuki, and Flu.


Forgotten Runes Comic Issue #2
Forgotten Runes Comic Issue #2

Elf Cleans Up the YouTube Channel

Following introductions, Elf says he will no longer be using copyrighted music for the show due to recent YouTube flags. On the subject of YouTube, Elf says that the team is trying to clean up their profile, and he changed the thumbnails of a few videos. The new thumbnails include a picture of Elf, Dotta, and Bear, inspired by AI generated images of the founders from the community.

Forgotten Runes Comic Issue #2 Available to Pre-Order

Bearsnake notes that Issue #1 of the Forgotten Runes Comic did well in pre-sales, and copies will be in stores on Nov. 22. He announces that Issue #2 is also now on pre-sale. He teases a "big announcement" about interoperability "either next week or the week after." Elf then takes a moment to discuss the livestream of the Forgotten Runiverse game on Nov. 7. Mado, who hosted, says there was a good turnout of over 1k people who joined.

Bearsnake takes a moment to say that 2 years ago, the team released 2D sprite sheets so the Wizards could walk around. This year, they released 3D Wizards and Souls. Last week, the Cult gathered in 3D for the Nightmare Run. This week, the Runiverse is live in pixels. Dotta notes a comment he received that Forgotten Runes had "the cliche NFT playbook", but is actually delivering on it.

Cult Questions

Watcher's Rings Mint

Red Ring from the Forgotten Runes Athenaeum
Red Ring from the Forgotten Runes Athenaeum

Then, Elf dives into Cult Questions: The first question is about the Watcher's Rings mint and whether or not the team think limiting the supply (to 700) was a good idea. Dotta says that when the process for the mint began, the sentiment for minting NFTs was low. He says that he's happy with Bisonic's decision to do a lower-supply mint for the Watcher's Rings. Flu notes that the team refunded gas that was lost in failed transactions during the mint. He notes Magic Machine's composure while handing the issues with the mint. Mado says he thinks people who were paying attention and wanted one had enough time to get a Watcher's Ring. Madotsuki also notes that the ring isn't an overpowered piece of equipment in the game — it's more of a collector's item. Dotta adds that he thinks it was "appropriately-sized for Wizard holders."

Athenaeum Ring Relation to Watcher's Rings

Elf then answers a question concerning whether or not Athenaeum Rings will have similar utility in the Forgotten Runiverse game as the Watcher's Rings. Elf says the Rings in the Athenaeum are not connected to the Watcher's Rings. Dotta says he has plans for Athenaeum items.

How Is the Team Handling Launch Stress?

Then, Bill Gains asks how the team is handling the stress from the Forgotten Runiverse launch. With that, the team invites Tanilo Errazuriz of Bisonic onstage to answer. He says he's a little tired, but it's going. Dotta says he should be proud of the launch. Elf says that the comments he's seen about the Eve of Memory event have been good, besides those about the servers crashing. Tanilo jokes that, "You know it's a real MMO when servers crash every couple of minutes." Jitcy says that's how you know you're on the right path.

Forgotten Runiverse Eve of Memory

Who Is Alberto?

Ozzz asks who Alberto is. Tanilo says players will have to wait to find out, but he will be an important figure in the Runiverse. "He hides more than you could imagine in terms of his role in the affairs of the world."

Watcher's Rings Promo
Watcher's Rings Promo

Watcher's Rings Benefits

Dotta then asks if Tanilo can break down the benefits of the Watcher's Rings that were minted the day of the launch. He starts by saying the core loop in the game is that there is tutorial followed by wild areas with enemy encounters and NPCs with simple quests for players. Tanilo says that NPCs in the Eve of Memory will also give out "Recipes" that are used to craft items. He says there is a chance that crafted items "roll a perfect result," which earns the player a Quantum Gift, depending on the rarity of the item.

Tanilo also speaks about the Font of Memories where players can use Mana to roll for Quantum Gifts of Plots of Land. Rings give benefits for both crafting and the Font of Memories.

When crafting items, players can spend Mana to improve odds of getting a rare item. This cost is much less with a Watcher's Ring. When asking for Blessings at the Font of Memories, the cost here is also less with a Watcher's Ring. Every 250 rolls here guarantees a Land plot.

Players who hold Watcher's Rings are also able to "Tap" them in their Inventory to receive Mana. This ability has a daily cooldown. Tanilo also confirms that all rolls are based on random number generation. He also confirms that players can purchase Mana in the game's store. On the topic of Mana in the Forgotten Runiverse, Tanilo notes The Temple, which players gain access to after defeating The Cockatrice. At the Temple, players can "offer items [they've] created to earn Mana."

Quantum Gifts Inventory
Quantum Gifts In A Player's Inventory

Numbering for Quantum Gifts

Tanilo also answers a question about the numbering system for Quantum Gifts (Familiars, Mounts, Building Styles, Equipment Styles) He says they refer to 10 different unique cosmetics in each category that are exclusive to the Eve of Memory event.

Pony Mounts

Elf asks Tanilo if the Ponies will be one of the mounts. Tanilo responds, "Can't say." He notes, however, that just for playing the tutorial in the game, players receive two Quantum Gifts for free.

On-Chain Aspects

Dotta asks about the on-chain nature of the game, and mentions that he believes he saw people minting Mana on ETH and Arbitrum. Tanilo confirms Mana is available on both. He also confirms that Quantum Gifts do not start as NFTs, but players may choose to mint them on Arbitrum. Dotta also asks if Quantum Gifts require ETH in a wallet for gas to mint or if the gas is covered. Tanilo says he is not sure about that technical aspect, but refers Dotta to a Bisonic team member who would. He also says that each item has to be minted in its own transaction.

Firework Prop
Dragon Firework Prop

Firework Mount

Bearsnake notes that players who purchase the Forgotten Runes Comic get a firework Mount, which plays thematically into the story of the comic. Dotta says that's a moment for Forgotten Runes. The team agrees, "That's the dream."

Watcher's Rings Benefits Stack

A community member also asks if they are able to have multiple Watcher's Rings in one wallet with effects that stack. Tailo says, "Yes, asterisk." The Mana available to tap stacks, but the Rings' discounts do not. He shares a guide to tapping for Mana in the game's Discord.

Runiverse Land
Runiverse Land

Gold Division For Land Owners

Dotta also asks Tanilo to explain the Wizard gold system works when building on Land in the game. Tanilo says Land owners receive a percentage of the gold moved in the game's economy is put into a pool and divided amongst Land owners.


Tanilo also talks about the Forgotten Runiverse endgame in response to a community question. He says the endgame will have a portion dedicated to specializing your Character, but there will also be dungeons with an "Omen System" of handicaps to overcome.

Feature Requests & Crafting With Mana

Dotta and Tanilo review the crafting gameloop, and Tanilo notes that during a test he ran, infusing items with Mana increased the odds of receiving a Quantum gift by ~30%.

Elf asks if there is a place where players can submit features requests, noting some players would like to be able to change their display name when wearing a Wizard skin. Tanilo says the team's roadmap is tight, and features requests will have to wait until the beta version.

Land Sale

Seals of Tenure Earned November 13
Seals of Tenure Earned As Of November 13

Elf also asks Tanilo about the land sale. Tanilo says that Bisonic is still evaluating the map for the land sale. He says the best answer he can give is that they're still figuring out what it is.

Experimental Mobile Build

Elf then asks if the game is available on mobile, noting people mention mobile play in the Secret Tower. Tanilo says there is a "very experimental" mobile build right now. Dotta says players with mobile should be aware that the game might not work as intended. Dotta says if we look down the road, he gets very excited by the idea of the ability to play this MMO on mobile and says the battle UI already appears to be geared toward mobile play. He says he appreciates Tanilo "powering through [the] interrogation" after a long launch day. Dotta says the home base of the Cult is in Discord, but there's something special about seeing everyone with their avatars in a spatial experience. He says he can see events happening in this platform.

Seal of Tenure (Land Allocation) Updates

A community member asks if there are updates on the current land allocations. Tanilo says that they play to release daily updates.

Watcher's Rings Persistent Benefits

Another audience member asks if the Watcher's Rings will have persistent benefits through the final build of the game. Bearsnake says it would be healthy tokenomics. Tanilo says he can't promise anything, but he thinks it's important to recognize the tie to early supporters.

Battle For Goblin Town Update

Dotta then gives a brief update on Battle For Goblin Town. He says he has just received new Goblin Boss art from Sumiez and he's been running simulations on the game's economy. He also speaks about choosing to pay voters in favor of Magic Machine's proposal to ApeCoin DAO. Dotta notes that he doesn't want to say Goblin Town is up next, but it's in the works and coming up soon. Bearsnake adds that it doesn't matter if ApeCoin DAO accepts or rejects their proposal — the game will launch either way.

New Members of the House of Wizards DAO

On the subject of DAOs, Dotta announces the new councilmembers who were voted into the House of Wizards: Acid, Sharkchild, Tadmajor, and Sharon. He says once these councilmembers go through the KYC process, the full council can resume review of proposals. Dotta urges the community to think about efforts for continuing to generate revenue for the DAO, noting that Magic Machine has their own ideas, but it is a community effort.

Cult Content

The team wraps up the show with a review of the Cult Content Chronicle, aggregated weekly by Tania del Rio.