Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-09-28

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Elf received an honorary character for the "New Here" NFT project, which supports an upcoming documentary featuring Elf and other NFT creators. (September 2022)

The House of Wizards Legal Creation is Imminent

We started this week with some Magic Machine (MM) updates. House of Wizards DAO legal preparations are almost complete, and will be set up formally during October. Dotta shouted out r3ptar, Jitcy, Retired Yield Farmer, and SlickChick, among others, for their work.

Dotta talked about the importance of doing this properly, mentioning the Ooki DAO news, where both the signers and even anyone who voted in it, have been charged by the SEC. Even if they ultimately don’t get punished, dealing with the legal process is something nobody wants.

Nifty Island, a 3D metaverse project, released a short preview featuring one of the updated Wizard 3D models. (September 2022)

Book of Lore Update

The archive feature is now live! This allows a token holder to “hide” any pre-existing lore pages for their characters. Kudos to Niski for adding it. Next, Magic Machine wants to continue refining the Book of Lore, making it easier to use. Dotta said we are reaching the limits of the “book” metaphor, and it needs to be easier both to use and to read as an Web3 tool. And he wants to build tools to help creators create long-form storytelling.

Other Magic Machine/Community Updates

  • Halloween event: Elf says that he is personally working on the Halloween event - details will be revealed next week on Wizard Wednesday. Dotta said that the whole team has been putting time into this; there are now 13 full-timers in Magic Machine (including 3 working on 3D models, and 4 developers, among others).
  • In response to a question, Elf says there are no current plans for live events.
  • Souls walk-cycles are almost done. You will be able to use the walk-cycles in “something” (to be announced).
  • Comic book: Issue #1 is being drawn and colored, Issue #2 and #3 are having scripts written. Each issue deals with different characters, compared to Issues #0 and #1.
  • Elf reminded us that 65 characters have signed up to appear in Artxie’s and Daniela Illustra’s upcoming comic. It’s still open for more until next Wizard Wednesday, DM Artxie to volunteer.

Rings of Power / House of Dragons Discussion

The Runiverse (Bisonic) team continued to release previews of visual assets being developed for their game. This one is for a beach environment, which would appear in battle scenes.

Elf led a discussion on these two current fantasy-themed shows. Rings of Power (RoP) is based on the Lord of the Rings franchise, and is available on Amazon Prime, and House of Dragons (HoD) is based on the Game of Thrones franchise, and is streamed on HBO.

Elf started by talking about how Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli has made great films because he makes fantastic, magical things believable. In these shows, the way things are depicted are believable and magical and engages the audience.

He continued by saying that there are three types of world-builders: the original builder, the torch-bearer (creative who tries to be faithful to the original creator’s vision), and the corporate interests who may stray from the vision in the interests of profit. However, Forgotten Runes is generating a 4th type: the living avatar, who is both the creator and the creation.

At this point, it was opened up for audience discussion. In general, Elf's take was that he greatly enjoyed the visual aesthetics and gritty, "shades of gray" plotting & characters in House of Dragons, but still found things to enjoy in Rings of Power. I feel like the overall discussion can be revisited at any point, so it’s recommended listening whenever you have a chance, if you have interest in this topic. Efforts were made to avoid spoilers (and they did avoid them IMO), but if you like going into things with no expectations, it may be good to wait until after you watch.

Besides Elf, participants included:

Lore Reading

The lore reading this week was by Emmaleigh, who read about Arch-Magician Aldus (6888).